Captain's Log
23 April 2002

Entering the Rip

Current situation at 1800: As of yet we have not enjoyed much wind consequently we have been motor-sailing for most of the last 24 hours. But while their has been litle wind there has been a significant amount of swell and last night White Watch had the misfortune of being aloft seafurling the topgallant as we entered the Rip – it wasn’t long before some were experiencing their first bout of seasickness.This morning the Youth Crew battled bravely through cleaning stations and this afternoon enjoyed a lively round of rope races, a game used to improve their knowledge of ships equipment and all the lines onboard. A navigation lecture followed and the formal activities for the day were concluded with a couple of consolidationtraining tacks which were completed without a hitch.We have now rounded the southern most point of mainland Australia, Wilsons Promontory, and are continuing motoring through Bass Strait which is currently in a very benign mood. However theweather charts are indicating a cold front is on the way so we are looking forward to some favourable winds some time tomorrow.Until then,Cap’n Bob.Youth Crew entry by Cath Loane aged 19 from Brisbane.It’s been a very interesting few days. Seasickness has taken over the boat.. and the constant smell of vomit isn’t very homely. We’vejust been out past the Rip for one day now, but the weather isn’t too bad, just cold. We’ve climbed to the top yard, but it’s still hardto look down, even after a few times. Can’t say I’m one for heights. Having an awesome time… and am counting down the day till I jointhe spewers….ciao.Youth Crew entry by Lisa Powell aged 22 from Sydney.Having a great time. I’ve been awarded a number of bruises for my efforts climbing aloft. Going out past the Rip was an experience holding on for dear life while being on the topgallant yard,utilising my new found skill of tying, and in the middle of the night I might add. Spew factor high making my mark on the starboard side of the boat. No more beef nachos for me. Days turn into nights pretty fast, and I’m sure everyone wants amassage as bad as me.Miss you Matt. Give my love to your big bad puppies. Talk to you soon.See you all when I get back.


39° 7' South / 147° 10'


Wind north 5 knots, partly cloudy, temp 18C.