Captain's Log
V12/17 Mackay to Brisbane
19 September 2017

Enroute to Lady Musgrave Island

Ahoy there Shipmates,We had another busy night at sea with the crew monitoring the safety of the Ship throughout. As the wind strength remained a relatively constant 15 knots but backed slightly from ESE to ENE we motor-sailed to ensure we would arrive at our planned anchorage at Lady Musgrave Is on time, tomorrow morning.We all mustered on the bridge at 0900 for the morning brief. Salty explained, with assistance from some fine Staffy actors, the nautical origin of the expressions ‘let the cat out of the bag’, ‘not enough room to swing a cat’ and ‘to have someone over a barrel’, after which Nana paid us her first visit and gave the crew some more pointers on the importance of tidiness and cleanliness onboard. After that she taught the Youthies the song, ‘When I was One’. The crew then launched into ‘Happy Hour’Rotational Tacks were conducted next so that the watches could experience what the other watches did when the Ship Tacked or Weared-Ship. This is done to prepare the crew for Command Day when the youthies will be totally reorganised into Leadership positions and new watches. After another of Marcus’ and Cinnamon’s delicious lunches the Youthies then were given some down time for an hour to do some washing catch up on some sleep or just enjoy the QLD weather on deck.At 1300 round 3 of Rope Races was conducted, after which I gave my Sail Theory presentation to the watches individually. This was aimed at giving the youth crew the knowledge they need for Command Day in this area. I covered how the sails create drive, creating a sail plan, navigating under sail and sail trimming.The intention is to remain at sea overnight on passage to Lady Musgrave Island, our anchorage in the morning.Until tomorrow evening.Yours AyeCaptain Mike