Captain's Log
9 January 2000


Everybody thoroughly enjoyed silent period in glorious sunshine yesterday afternoon. Conductedlecture on sail theory followed by a series of deck games. Bobbing for apples laced with Tobascocaught a few off guard!Wind has remained fresh from the south-east which has necessitated motor-sailing overnight and today. Except for drills we have been on starboard tack since setting sail in the Derwent River. Anticipate we will be walking in circles for a while when we get ashore.Intend conducting rotational and demonstration tacks this afternoon. All youth crew have now been aloft and onto the t’gallant yard.Current situation at 09 Jan 2000: 4108S 16255E, Course 090, Speed 8 kts, Wind 165�/15kts, Overcast,Temp 14C.


41°0's / 162°0'e


Course 090, Speed 8 kts, Wind 165�/15kts, Overcast, Temp 14C.