Captain's Log
14 April 2002

Encounter 2002

Current situation at 1800: The strong winds and big swells dominated the first part of last night but gradually they moderated allowing us to make it to Robe today.We had a good day because we did heaps. We went ashore just after lunch and the Encounter Festival was in full swing. The other Tall Ships, One and All and Enterprize, were at anchor when we joined them. The Mayor of Robe was so happy to see YOUNG ENDEAVOUR anchored too, she gave me a big kiss and cuddle and pronounced me a god (of sorts).Recapping the events of the last 24 hours. Jo the weather girl dazzled the YC with reasons why forecasters get it wrong so often. Polly kept on amazing us in the galley… Stewie has a internet fan club called Chantal last night gave a great opera performance from aloft. Rags is mentoring the YC in how to keep their sleeping areas tidy. The YC are frustrating Rags’ mentoring efforts. Athol’s Blue Team has started their own company: ”U CALL – WE HAUL”. The YC want to know why Robe is rocking around just like the ship and what happens when dolphins accidently belly flop – do the other dolphins laugh ?The YC have now returned from the pizza shop in Robe (can’t get one anywhere round here…) and after enjoying themselves are having dinner and getting ready for another night at sea. There’s still a long way to go to Melbounre and the wind is not playing the game.Stay tuned,Andrew R. Davis


37° 10' South / 139° 45'


At anchor in Guichen Bay, Robe, SA.Wind sou'easterly at 20 knots, temp 18C