Captain's Log
17 August 2009

Election Day

Good Evening Shipmates,All at sea today totally under the power of mother nature which is just the way we like it. We’re making good ground westwards towards our final destination.Jacq has written tonight’s log so there is not much for me to add. We had the Command Day elections this evening and on paper it looks like a good team. Tomorrow will tell.Here are the words from Jacq.Yours ayeAndrew ���Gunna’ RourkeCommanding OfficerCarpe’ DiemBy Jacq,Ahoy there my civilised family and friends!Well what can I say 11 days down and 7 more to go; if I had to sum the journey up in one word it would be ���wow’. People could only dream of a journey like this. Being out here with only ocean around you, no land, no people. Amazing if you ask me. I can quite see why people do this for a living. Starting off the days with the guts watch (0001-0400) A special mention to Dania for the strong coffee. With little moonlight all the stars that can be seen, you would never see anything like that back home. To pass time on watch we played a small game, 2 people were tied together and had to untwist the ropes to get out. Once you knew the answer to it is so simple, but watching 2 people twist and turn trying to unstick you would never think it would be so amusing. A task was set for our watch, untying the reefing on the course. This may sound simple, but the catch was we had to communicate without talking. Not so simple after all. Watch passed quickly and back to bed for 3 �_ hours until wakey wakey is called. Another fantastic breakfast by Chad (don’t tell my mum, I said that). Morning brief at 0900 and Nana Diesel is still looking as fine as ever. Bel with another salty sea tale, with the meaning behind the first and last dog watch. Down to midships for our morning song, who would have thought singing one word from each group would have been so difficult; Very amusing though.I went for another climb on the foremast today and finally reached the topgallant, it wasn’t as scary as it looked after all and I can’t wait to get back up there again. The view that could be seen from the yardarm. Thank you to Gunna, Dion and Dutchy for assisting me the last couple of times that I have climbed. You have helped me with a big personal achievement on this voyage. No words can describe how great it felt to finally reach the topgallant.This afternoon was topped off with the election for command day tomorrow, 24hours where we have control of the ship. Daunting but exciting all at once. Well done to the crew that got voted into the positions of command, well and truly deserved. We can only wait until tomorrow to see how it all pans out. Now that I have written a small novel, I will let you go. Anthony and Will I hope you have fun at the All American Reject concert on Wednesday night without me, you can both stop giggling now. To my family I love and miss you all.Jacq.


10° 58' South / 134° 13' East


Co 300, Sp 7, Wind 100, 17 kts, Temp 27C