Captain's Log
21 February 2000


Yesterday afternoon we had a very relaxing time as we chugged along in glorious sunshine towards Sydney. We sighted a few whales and went for a second swim. The second swim was not as popular as the morning session. A few people getting stung by blue bottles put some people off. Look before you leap springs to my mind.In the evening we had a lot of fun. A team competition was held, each of whom had to drop an egg from the lower top without breaking it. Each team was given a standard supply of materials from which to construct an egg saving device. The staff eventually won, first having had a draw. A tie breaker was held from the upper top. Today is ground hog day of yesterday as we still have no wind although it is hotter and more humid. The lack of wind is frustrating but obviously there is nothing that can be done about it. This afternoon we will conduct setting a furling drills which is our final exercise prior to Command Day that kicks off tomorrow afternoon. A swim is on the cards as well.


33° 14' South / 157° 26'


Course 270, Speed 8kts, Wind 080/3kts, Temp 27c - hot and humid, partly cloudy, dead calm seas