Captain's Log
V14/19 Newcastle to Eden
27 November 2019

Eden, CommuniDay Sail, 47 knots (Wind)…and a Final Farewell!

Ahoy shipmates, and greetings from a somewhat windy Eden, and an eventful Day 10 (see below). Our Community Day sail went ahead as planned with the youth crew playing host to guests less fortunate than themselves…and I think it’s safe to say everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Luckily we made it back alongside and farewelled our visitors before a strong southerly front hit…plenty of breeze, maxing out at 47 knots! As such harbour furls were deferred, maybe in the morning…no complaints however about the traditional last night pizza before the youth crew completed some end of voyage admin and settled in for their last night onboard together. On behalf of my crew and myself may I say it has been an absolute pleasure having this diverse group of young Australians with us for the last 10 days. I’m fairly certain they’ve had fun, made some firm friends, and have all enjoyed an amazing adventure on this magnificent tall ship. Sadly, all good things must come to an end, so, for the final time for Voyage 14/19, wishing you all fair winds and following seas, Captain Kenny…out!———-

Ahoy there shipmates Ebony & Bazdaddy here. We are on day 10 of our voyage and are all feeling sad. Lol. This morning Marcus whipped up the usual breakfast at 6:45am, a quick morning brief from Captain Kenny and Salty then Happy hour commenced, cleaning the WHOLE ship at 8am. The youthies put on their Young Endeavor shirts and wore them proud when greeting our guests from the Tulgeen Disability center who would be joining us at 9:00am for our half day sail. We set off on calm seas around 10:00am but as the weather progressed it was not on our side…storm clouds gathered and the sea became a bit bumpy so we decided to dock earlier than expected. On a brighter note the guests had heaps of fun, some dolphins were spotted alongside with a Humpback whale that swam right in front of the tall ship forcing us to stop and wait for the whale to pass. Marcus had made some party pies and sausage rolls for lunch at 11:30am with amazing chocolate & caramel slices for desert lunch which was enjoyed by all. Around 12:30pm we waved our guests goodbye as they all left with smiles on their faces. We broke off into our watch groups after that around 1:00pm and walked down town for hot chips & coke and debriefed our voyage going through our goals and remembering all the memorable moments from being so sea sick and still pushing on to Jervis Bays rope swing. As we were discussing this it started pouring rain and winds up to 40knots so we had to run back to the safety of the ship. Lol. The discussion was continued in the galley. Shortly after the youthies were all called back too midship to play the final round of ropeys. The over all winners were the White Watch team with 30 points followed by Blue Watch team on 26 points and finally third Red Watch team with 25 points. Baz and Ebony were the better players of the round. Lol. White team won the prize of sitting on the togallent staysail tomorrow then blue in the middle and red on the course staysail. After the applause the awning was put away and the youthies headed down stairs to write letters to their future selves. Whilst the youthies wrote the letters, dinner was prepared, aka homemade ‘PIZZA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’  which smelt amazing. Then the youthies passed around a sheet of paper collecting all social media accounts. Sub to my channel on YT: Aussiegaming. Lol. The day has gone quickly and everyone is becoming more emotional by the minute realizing that the voyage is coming to an end. We have all had a blast and are so grateful for the opportunities we were given by our amazing parents and the staffies. A slideshow will be shown tonight, made by the youthies showing all the pictures taken over our grand journey.
This is our last log, so signing off for good! (voyage 14 2k19) – Ebony G & Baz out.


37 04s / 149 54e


Wind: SSW gusting to 40 knots (47 max) Weather: Passing showers Sea: Choppy Location: Berthed Breakwater Wharf, Eden.