Captain's Log
8 June 2002

Eating like a King

After a bumpy night we closed the coast and waited for the weather change that would allow us to fly up the coast with the wind at our heels instead of beating into it.Fortunately the weather did chage and it brought a brief but torrential downpour to clean the salt spray off us and the ship. Tonight the YC will undergo a teamwork challenge involving setting sails and I believe they will do very well. One more night at sea and we’ll arrive at Stradbroke Island and stay the night.Youth Crew entry by Trent King 22 Brisbane: Having a great time. Hello all at home. Climbed the topsail yard last night to furl the sails, 35 knot winds. Skydiving was nothing compared to this, what a THRILL. Should be anchoring in moreton bay in a day or 2.Adam Lay 20, from sydney: having heaps of fun, big rush on top of the top sail 30m high. I couldn’t be a shift worker waking up at 12.00 at night sucks. Our team is winning the rope races, haven’t joined the chunder club yet and have only taken two pills. Got the fastest speed on the helm, missing booze. Loving it. Duga Dug, maaaaaaaaaaaaaa.Morgan Stebbing 19 Sydney:Having a sweet time, somehow missed all the dolphin and whale sightings. All is well in the sea sickness department. I am eating like a king thanks to Polly the chef. All the activities are great, climbing aloft being the best. Loving every moment of it, not really looking forward to leaving the ship but I guess all good things have to come to an end. All the people are great. Thats all I have to say from somewhere in the Pacific. See everyone soon, bye.Dannielle Briggs 17 from GympieHello to everyone back at home, really starting to enjoy myself. It is great out at sea. The best part so far in the activity department was taking hold of the helm in the darkness of the early morning with the wind rocking us sideways and getting wet by the water comming on deck while trying to steer was a real challenge along with climbing the mast, not to mention being thrown off the top bunk while trying to sleep due to the rocking of the boat. Have not had seasickness yet, however walking on land prooved a challenge ( and if there is such a thing called land sickness i am quite sure i got it). Anyways missing you all heaps and looking forward to arriving in Brissie. See you all when i get back. Thanks for taking care of Sandy Mum and say hi to Billie. ps. Sorry to disapoint ya Chris and Ross but no holes evident in boat and plane trip was fine. haha. Anyways see ya’s all later. Love Dan.Stay tuned,Andrew R. Davis


28° 30' South / 153° 45'


Current situation at 1800: At sea between Yamba and Ballina, wind northerly (again) at 25 knots, temp 20C.