Captain's Log
16 November 2000

Ducky the Nature Lover

We had a good passage down to JB overnight and the YC successfully carried out several tacks in different positions than they are used to. It was a great effort and took place just off the entrance to the Bay. After lunch Young Endeavour was sailed to the anchorage. The YC then went ashore with their watch leaders for some beach sport and a chance to touch terra firma again. Later that evening three way talks were held in the cafe (it was too wet at midships) and as usual it was a very funny occasion.The plan for tomorrow is to go on a bush walk/initiative test in the Booderee National Park/HMAS CRESWELL. Ducky the Red Watch Leader, an excellent bush walker and nature lover will be leading the way and pointing out all the interesting flora and fauna.We plan to sail after lunch tomorrow do some demonstrational tacks at sea after sailing from the anchorage. The weather is starting to clear slowly so we should get some sunny breaks and wind.Speak tomorrowAndrew Davis


35° 7' South / 150° 44'


Current situation: At anchor Jervis Bay off Greenpatch. Wind: Northerly at 15 knots. Rain. Temp 18 C.