Captain's Log
9 April 2015


Hi Everyone,Welcome to day 14 of our voyage. During the past 24hrs we have continued to have a pleasant sail across the Bay of Biscay and at the time of posting this log we have sailed 250nm since departing Brest. Overnight the wind veered to the north east which has meant that we are now sailing downwind under all three squares which isn’t our best point of sail but is nice just the same.Today we have continued with our normal daily program but have also managed to fit in a couple of other activities like Dr Nick’s meteorological brief and 2nd Engineer Shaun’s engineering extravaganza.In preparation for our visit to Tenerife we are also having some Spanish lessons and Dougie our Sail Master ran a camera workshop teaching those amateur photographers how to better use their camera’s and take great photo’s so you can see that Young Endeavour isn’t all about the sailing.Tonight it is White Watches turn to write the Captains Log and volunteering to share their Young Endeavour experiences with you are Dan and Sam. Enjoy!Until tomorrow, take careYours AyeCaptain GavCAPTAINS LOG FRIDAY 4 SEP 15Friends, Romans, Countrymen and loyal readers of the world voyage Captain’s log. Today’s log comes to you from White Watch’s Sam and Dan.The morning starts with yet another exquisite breakfast from our now honorary Michelin star chef Marcus. Our first watch began at 0745, where we consolidated our sail knowledge, and a logic puzzle that some of us (us included) are still yet to crack. The watch moved into morning brief which was again full of comedy and some informative material. Before long the happy hour song was sung and all youthies found them selves busily ‘spit shinning’ the boat, eventually we were given the Dougie tick of approval with no issues (the 12 berth passed with flying colours believe it or not!)We reconvened at midships for a meteorology brief from DR Nick. With some great chalk drawings and very little physics we were given a simple brief on how the weather works including clouds, Coriolis Effect, high and low fronts, wind and swell.After a cheeky siesta and a lunch fit for royalty it was rope races time. Horto had donned the aqua and white vest and summoned us the midships to do battle. Today’s ropies were based on the lines for the Main Sail and the Squares, also an exciting moment of hoisting our shoes up a halyard. We may have nearly lost them over board but they did return to the deck safely.Ropies continued into the engineering brief from Shawn about what is where underneath us on board. We looked at where the fuel, water and waste storage tanks are and how different sectors can be made watertight in case of leaks or fires. Shaun then took 6 of us for a tour of the ship in a whole new way to look below in each of the sectors to see what is actually there and how it interacts with the rest of the ship. Should be cycling though everyone else for a tour in the next few days.Meanwhile, back on deck some knot skills kicked off with Tug, giving people an opportunity to learn how to make square knot and Turks head bracelets. There was varying degrees of success in this area but we continue to battle on. For those not keen on knots, Dougie ran a camera workshop on the relationship between ISO, shutter speed and apperture.During the 1600-1800 watch, Red watch had the opportunity to be the first for sail theory with Captain Gav. Hopefully they can put that to good use as the days go on. In addition to sail theory, red watch also picked up an extra half hour to their watch as did we to bring us into line with the time zone changes across the Bay of Biscay.For our extended watch we had a cheeky climb with Horto, standing in for Knuckle, so we could up skill our climbing. The boys, Jess and Sam climbed to the Topgallant yard to enjoy the view and were serenaded by Dan with a few classics from times gone by. A Special mention for Caitlin who tonight made it to the topsail yard. Our Watch is now finishing up after a great day. We’re off to bed ready to go back on watch at 0400 tomorrow morning.Quick shout out to Mum and Dad, Ed and Tess, I’m still alive having a rip snorter of a time! Sea sickness and tonsillitis isn’t going to keep me down! Hope you are all well, Love you heaps Dan!Quick shout out to Lake Ginn Rover Crew, I’m having an amazing time and definitely learning heaps of new things. Stay tuned for a full report when we hit Tenerife, Spain! SamHello Father Chuc


45 degrees 34 minutes North / 9 degrees 5 minutes West


Currently crossing the Bay of Biscay and located 250nm SW of Brest sailing downwind under all three squares and enjoying moderate-strong NE winds with a 1m SW swell. Our current speed is 5.5kts and the temperature is 15 degrees.