Captain's Log
25 August 2015


Hi Everyone,Welcome to day 4 of our voyage. Well we must have upset the weather gods because since early this morning we have been experiencing strong headwinds, an unpleasant swell, torrential rain, limited visibility and its cold. This is certainly not what our new crew expected to experience during a European summer and a large number of them are suffering from the ‘Sailors Curse’ of seasickness. That said, they have been fighting through it and I am sure that over the next couple of days the weather will improve and they will find their ‘sea legs’.Given the poor conditions it has been a pretty quiet day onboard with everyone just keeping their watches and trying to get some sleep while the ship is being thrown around in an unpleasant sea.One special thing that did happen today was that we celebrated Sam’s 23rd Birthday with a great cake specially baked by Chef Marcos and happy birthday played on the flute by our very talented Musician Dougie. Sadly only a few of us were up to eating the cake as the rest would struggle to keep it down.At the moment we are transiting through the Dover Strait and sadly due to the poor weather we can’t see a great deal with the exception of a lot of very large ships which we are doing our very best to try and stay clear of.I really didn’t think that I would get anyone to write the Captains Log for tonight because if your not sick before you sit in front of a computer screen in rough weather you normally will be once you finish so I really was surprised when Brittney (blue watch) and Kate (red watch) volunteered to write tonight’s edition of the log. I always ask our crew to be honest and write about how they are feeling and you will see that’s exactly what the girls have done. Enjoy!Until tomorrow, take care.Yours AyeCaptain GavCaptains Log 150825Ahoy everyone back in Australia and around the world!As I sit here wondering what to write, thinking everyone back home will be interested in how much fun we are all having. To be honest it hasn’t been all clear skies, laugher and sail setting instead just vomit bags and lack of sleep but with amazing youth and staff crew and I would still like to believe that we are all having an amazing time!We are currently located in the English Channel heading from Amsterdam to Brest, France travelling on both motors as the winds are not favourable for the ship nor are the waves for the crew members suffering from seasickness. We are currently passing between the white cliffs off England and France, but as visibility is poor we can’t actually see anything! Last night a storm set in and has given us rough seas, strong winds and chopping conditions.Last night was the first night since leaving the calm docks of Amsterdam that watches were required to be woken at ridiculous times during the night for watches with Red Watch having the worst shift working from 1200– 0400. ‘Youthies’ although tired, seasick and warn out took it in there stride and sat up on deck and helped out there watches as much as possible. Currently each watch of 8 has roughly 2-3 members that are functioning whilst the rest either lie on the cabin decks in the rain or in the bunks or sit there very quietly. As our fellow crew member and super trooper Olivia Grier says “She’ll be right”.It amazes me that even though that we met our fellow crew members only 4 days ago we are running around grabbing storm suits, emptying vomit bags off the side of the boat for one another, and fetching chicken soup for the ill. It will be amazing to see the special bonds that we have together after 60 days if this is only 4 days into our voyage!Most of us being young adults still find it hard to pick our belongings off the floor and had a little visit from ‘Nanna’ this morning who is our male engineer who loves purple lipstick and hair curlers. She gave us a friendly reminder to pick up our ‘jetskis’ (Thongs) and towels. We also got some quick jokes from Ian and sung some songs. We then went onto happy hour where we clean various parts of the ship to ensure they are in tip top shape.For the rest of the day we continued to rotate watches and be slushed around in the washing machine of the English Channel.As we post this we just sighted the white cliffs of Dover! Another spectacle to add to the ever growing list!Until Next Time, Brittney (blue watch) and Kate (red watch)!Shoutout to the H-D clan (+ Isabelle) currently scattered around the world – having a blast and seasickness hasn’t struck yet! Clare give Missy, Milly and Flynn a cuddle Xxx KateHi Mum and Dad! These seas are much bigger then the ones in the NT! Still haven’t been sick yet… woohoo! (touch wood) Thinking of you and wish I could give you a big cuddle because it’s freezing! Love Brittney xxMaddy says hello to Jasper!


51 degrees 2 minutes North / 1 degree 22 minutes East


Currently transiting through the Dover Strait and are experiencing strong SW winds with a 2m confused swell. Current speed is 3kts and the temperature is 14 degrees.