Captain's Log
23 September 2015


Hi Everyone,Welcome to day 33 of our voyage. Another warm day here in the Atlantic with little wind but plenty of activities to keep us busy.The big news for today is that our much loved Sail Master ‘Dougie’ celebrated his 40th Birthday which we think is pretty special. At last count he has had Happy Birthday sung to him three separate times and enjoyed an extremely large Birthday Cake with a big slice rubbed all over his face (nice touch Amy). Hopefully celebrating his 40th on a Tall Ship sailing the Atlantic Ocean will be something he will alway remember.The longer the World Voyagers of Passage Six spend onboard the more they learn with today’s lesson being on how to rig our emergency steering system which is something we practice on a regular basic just in case we have a steering gear failure. It can be a difficult system to set up but given Horto’s practical demonstration I think that all of the Watches should be able to complete this task which may just be one of the many challenges given to them over the next couple of weeks.Looking at the most recent forecast it doesn’t look like we are going to see much more wind on this passage to Mindelo so we will just have to make the most of the calm seas and afternoon swims and just hope that we will have some stronger conditions once we start our passage across the Atlantic to Rio.Writing tonight’s Captain’s Log is Adzie and Brittney who have apologised for a short edition but they didn’t want to miss the evening movie. Enjoy!Until tomorrow, take care.Yours AyeCaptain GavHello all you World Voyager fans, Adzie and Brittney reporting in from somewhere between Tenerife and the Cabo Verde islands, where the sunshine is surplus, the sea is salty, the spag bol is scrumpscious, the staff crew are spledifiorous and the day’s summary is the worst nightmare for anyone with a lisp. Apologies in advance for the brief log, it’s another movie night and I have serious FOMO (fear of missing out).It’s another perfect day on the Atlantic Ocean. Our morning started out with smashed avocados, cherry tomatoes and poached eggs for the savoury sort. If sweet things were more your style French toast, apple crumble and chai tea. Both options not so good for the waistline… At morning brief we substituted the happy hour song for a happy birthday song, wishing our wonderful glorious sail master a very happy birthday. During happy hour, we were distracted by a pod of dolphins rounding up a rather large group of flying fish. Meanwhile, two birds decided to get in on the action and catch the unlucky fish who decided to jump out at the wrong time.After lunch we met up for Shauno’s games where we almost ate the ship out of marshmallows with Red Watch (woohoo) coming out on top in the eating competitions. These eating competitions consisted of eating marshmallows off strings. Blue watch conquered the fishing line competition where we were required to feed fellow world voyages via a manmade fishing line whilst they all shouted “Quack”On completion of Shaun’s afternoon games we spent some time with Horto (Engineer) learning how to manually steer the Ship by rigging the emergency steering. This involved turning the ships steering system into a large tiller. It showed the World Voyages that we really don’t want this scenario to happen as we would be extremely fit from heaving in and checking away constantly on the pulley system used to move the large tiller.Today was rounded off with another quick swim in the Atlantic Ocean as the heat increases and as we get closer to the Equator, there’s nothing like sleeping in dorms with no A/C and fans and waking up sweating. With Mindelo only days away many World Voyages are excited to find some A/C!Update on our pigeon who has been hitching a ride to Cape Verde- He’s going well, joined in on our birthday celebrations today and has been enjoying a ‘little bird sandwich’ and tucs served from Annie.Another quick one as we set up for another movie night to celebrate Dougie (40th) and Dans (22nd) Birthdays!Big hugs from all world voyages to their families!Brittney and Adzie (Red Watch) Shout OutsBrittney: Hi Mum and Dad, having such an amazing time; not many can say they have watched movies under the stars whilst sailing the Atlantic ocean… And to make you extra proud I fit 13 marshmallows in my mouth in the chubby Bunny competition and was only beaten by 1 marshmallow! Love you xxAdzie: Hi Marlee, Been looking at things for us to do in South America, Its going to be amazing can’t wait to see you xoxo


19 degrees 21 minutes North / 22 degrees 39 minutes West


Currently located 200nm to the NE of Mindelo motor sailing in light NE conditions with a .5m SSE swell. Our current speed is 6kts and the temperature is 23 degrees.