Captain's Log
V03/18 Sydney to Devonport
2 August 2018


Ahoy there Shipmates, Sail Master James woke the crew at 0600 with another of his painful retro tunes. After a few laps walking around the deck, followed by the YC learning some ‘Tall Ship’ dance moves, it was straight into the showers and breakfast. After the final Morning Brief and Happy Hour for the Voyage, the Ship departed Devonport Harbour briefly providing enough time for the Youth Crew to lay aloft in the old Naval tradition of ‘Manning the Yards’ for the arrival back at Wharf 4 in time to be viewed by families and friends. We welcomed them onboard at 1000 and then held a brief ceremony at which I presented the Voyage Achievement certificates to each crew member and the Captain’s Award of Excellence to Brodie Robertson. He received the award in recognition of his efforts always to do his best, regardless of success or failure, and the spirit of friendship he displayed in supporting each of his fellow youth crew. We then said our farewells to the Youth Crew of Voyage 03/18 and their families. It has been magnificent journey and one not to be forgotten. The ship will remain in Devonport until Sun 11 when we sail for Adelaide.  Yours Aye Captain Mike