Captain's Log
12 July 2000

Deck Olympics

Having had a good night’s rest we weighed anchor at 0800 this morning and commenced sailing to the NW towards Townsville. It has been another glorious sunny day. This afternoon we had some deck Olympics which was a lot of fun and later on we all got out on deck and completed an upper deck clean and rust scrub in preparation for coming aongside tomorrow. The YC all got together in their watches and spent an hour or so discussing the voyage and what they have learnt over the past four days.We bid farewell to the Whitsunday’s today and although the ship will return in a couple of weeks, it will be my last visit to my favourite sailing grounds in my favourite ship. Sad for me I guess.The winds are a bit flukey at the moment so it may well be a night of tacking or we may get lucky. In either case the ship will be berthing at Berth No.8 Pier 2, Townsville Harbour tomorrow morning at 1100.Chat to you thenAndrew


19° 46' South / 147° 55'


Current Situation at 121800: Co 270, Speed 3kts, Wind NE 10kts, Temp 20, Clear evening