Captain's Log
V02/18 Melbourne to Sydney
17 January 2018

Deal Island Break

G’day Shipmates, Welcome to day 3 of our adventure in Australia’s National Sail Training Ship. We continued motoring south east overnight through Bass Strait and arrived off Deal Island just after sunrise. The winds experienced overnight prevented us from setting sails. We had the morning brief at 0900, at which Salty illustrated dramatically the historical reason that Ship’s of old had figureheads and why toilets in Ships are called ‘Heads’ taking advantage of the dubious acting skills of the Staff Crew. The Ship anchored in East Cove, Deal Island, at 0930. Once ‘Happy Hour’ was completed we had lunch and then Engineer Brett conducted the first round of Rope Races. This is a game designed to improve the youth crew’s knowledge of the ship, the sails, the lines (ropes) used to manipulate the sails and the important equipment on the upper decks in a healthy inter-watch competition. Points are scored each round and a prize will be awarded to the winning watch on the last day of the voyage. Next Watch Officer Adam ferried everyone ashore for a break from the Ship, a 30 minute walk up to the Historic Lighthouse and a chance for a swim at the local beach. Navigator Evan also gave the Navigation brief to the youth crew whilst they were ashore. Everyone returned onboard by 1700 looking relaxed and re-vitalised. Once everyone had showered, we all and enjoyed a ‘Teak Deck BBQ on the upper decks, taking in the sights of East Cove whilst enjoying some more of Marcus’s delicious food. I was given an apron and the opportunity to cook the onions and the steaks! Dinner was followed by an activity called ‘three-way chats’. The youth crew were split into groups of three, one member from each watch, and they had to learn about each other so that they could speak for 3 minutes on either of their group members. They didn’t find out which member of their group they had to talk on until immediately beforehand. It was a great opportunity for the youth crew to learn more about each other and try out some public speaking. At 2000 we weighed anchor and commenced our passage northwards towards our next destination of Jervis Bay. Until tomorrow. Yours AyeCaptain Mike


39 17.5' S / 147 31.3' E


Wind - ENE at 10 kn, Weather - fine, Swell - from the east at 0.5 m, Temp: 17 deg C