Captain's Log
1 March 2015

Day14 – A Pleasant Saturday at Sea

Hi Everone,Welcome to day 14 of our voyage. Overnight the light conditions that we have been experiencing continued. The reason for this according to Paige is that we are still sitting in the middle of this large high pressure system. The good news is that hopefully tomorrow we will see a change with stronger conditions forecast from the north west which should finally assist us with some good ‘down wind’ sailing. Today we gave the Crew a break from ‘Happy Hour’ (Cleaning Stations) with all of us Staffies taking on this responsibility. They say that cleaning is good for the soul and it must be because all of us felt better having done this important daily ritual for the Crew today.  On a day to day basic Chef Aaron continues to amaze us with the meals that he produces in our small galley. Every morning he is up by 4am baking bread and preparing the meals for the day. So that we can occasionally give him a sleep in he has now taught Lauren how to prepare and bake bread so that every third morning Lauren and a couple of helpers from the morning watch will now take on this responsibility.  Whilst the weather has been good Taffy has continued to run his PT circuits every afternoon and the numbers attending these circuits is growing each day. As highlighted by Grace in a previous Log we have an interesting mixture of exercise equipment and Taff mixes it up by improvising with other equipment such as using a ship’s fender as a punching bag, a boat hook for chin ups and a berthing hawser for arm and shoulder strength work. Nothing onboard is of limits when it comes to keeping the Crew fit and healthy.  Tomorrow being Sunday we are going to make it a day of rest and besides keeping their normal watches the rest of the day will be free for the Crew to do whatever they feel like. That my include catching up on some sleep, reading a book, watching a movie or just sitting somewhere on the upper deck enjoying the experience of being at sea.  Currently the time is 1930 and we are located 850nm south east of Wellington still motor sailing due to the light conditions. Our latitude is now 46 degrees so you can imagine that the temperature overnight is starting to become quite cool!!  Until tomorrow, take care.  Yours AyeCaptain Gav 


46° 26' South / 167° 59' West


Currenly located 850nm SE of Wellington and experiencing light WSW winds with a 2m SW swell. Current temperature is 14 degrees.