Captain's Log
6 August 2013

Day Two

Sorry for the late posting of the log we had some technical difficulties last night  Hello Shipmates, After a good nights rest the Youth Crew were awoken by Sail Master Tim. As they arrived up on deck they were greeted by a slightly chilly but otherwise ideal morning. With a very quick early morning activity under their belt everyone jumped down below decks for a quick shower and some tasty treats from Luke the chef for breakfast. We conducted the first morning brief on the port side of the bridge at 0800 and afterwards the Youth Crew went below to crack into cleaning the ship. The staffies then made all preparations required to weight anchor, (It turns out Luke’s cooking scales and not rated to weighing the anchor so we had to use the capstan instead). We were soon underway and making way out through the outer harbour towards the open ocean. After Happy Hour, Dave our resident safety expert kicked into a more in depth safety brief to ensure the Youthies know everything they need to about the ship. The Watch Leaders then took charge of their watches and began the task of teaching their watches how to set and furl the sails. Before long it was lunch and the watches filtered below to fill the fuel tanks in preparation for the afternoons activities. In the afternoon the watches continues with their sail handling drills until their watch leaders felt they were at a satisfactory level to progress to the next step of learning how to deal with the mainsail. After a very comprehensive brief from Sail Master Tim the Youthies soon had the main out in a very quick time. The ship now had a full press of fore and aft sails and was ready for the crew to practice tacking stations. With a great bit of wind tacking stations was conducted in good time and we settled down on the starboard tack for the dog watches. On watch handover to Tim we were doing a cracking 7 ½ kts to windward and threading the needle between Liewellyn and Fitzroy Reefs. Overnight the watches will be keeping their first night watch of 4 hours where they will learn how to helm the ship, keep a good look out and other watch on deck activities. We have some good sailing ahead of us over night. We have been placed in an interesting navigational situation where the flooding tide will not let us make much ground to windward due to the high tidal steam at spring tides. So in consultation with Caitlin the Nav we have taken a bold move to head offshore where the tide will be minimised in the deeper water and hopefully the East Australian Current (EAC) will assist with our southerly progress overnight. Until next time, May your course always be true CAPT Matt Do you know what is out there? Wind and rain, some damn big waves, reefs and rocks, sandbars and shoals, and enough fog and darkness to hide it all. So why do we go out there? It builds character. Character that you only find on mountain tops, deserts, battlefields and across oceans. Character that we all need to develop Captain Christopher SheldonIf you want to see where the ship is in real time please feel free to follow this link 


23° 39' South / 152° 10' East


WInd: East by South East at 22ktsSwell: South East at 1.5mSails: Jib, Forestaysail, Mainstaysail and Main