Captain's Log
V20/16 Esperance (WA) to Adelaide (SA)
13 December 2016

Day Three – Middle Island

Hi Everyone,
Welcome to Day 3 of our voyage. Overnight and during the early hours of this morning the conditions deteriorated with wind gusts of 20-25kts and an unpleasant swell which quickly brought on bouts of seasickness in a number of the Youth Crew.
Following a busy first night at sea due to numerus sail plan changes the ship came to anchor at Middle Islands Goose Bay at 0700 this morning. On completion of breakfast and morning brief the Youth Crew were ferried ashore in the ship’s RHIB where they walked the short distance inland to view Lake Hillier which is the islands famous ‘pink lake’.

On returning to the beach a number of the crew decided to ignore the cool conditions and enjoyed a quick swim in the crystal clear water of Goose Bay prior to returning to the ship.

By 1230 everyone was back onboard and on completion of lunch the anchor was weighed and we departed Middle Island. Later this afternoon James conducted a very thorough safety brief then due to stronger than forecasted southerly winds and an unpleasant swell we stood everyone down for a couple of hours prior to commencing watches overnight.

By 1900 this evening we were clear of the Recherche Archipelago and in strong SSE winds brought the ship under fore and aft sail, shutdown main engines and in good sailing conditions have now commenced our passage across the Great Australian Bight.
Currently we are located 100nm to the ESE of Esperance sailing under fore and aft sail and experiencing moderate to strong SSE winds.
Until tomorrow evening, take care

Yours Aye

Captain Gav


34 24 S / 123 45 E


Currently located 100nm to the ESE of Esperance and experiencing 15-18kt SSE winds with a 1.5m SW swell. Our current speed is 6kts and the temperature is 14 degrees.