Captain's Log
V11/17 Brisbane to Mackay
18 September 2017

Day Three

G’day Shipmates,Welcome to day 3 of our adventure under sail. The ship continued motor-sailing southwards overnight along the QLD coast, while the wind backed to more easterly and strengthened to 20 kn. Swell was negligible through the night but the wind-chop was sufficient to make things slightly uncomfortable as we were essentially going into it initially. Overnight the crew focussed on getting a handle on their watch duties. These include helmsman, lookouts and doing weather observations and engineering rounds, all essential things to keep the Ship running 24/day.With the rising of the sun, the promise of a new day and a cheerful Wakey Wakey song from Sailmaster Bagers, the remainder of the crew who were not on watch awoke after their first night at sea in Australia’s National Sail Training Ship.After another of Marcos’ and Cinnamon’s spectacular breakfasts (including bacon, ham, baked beans, eggs, cereals, fresh tropical fruit and fresh-baked croissants) we anchored in the lee South West of Middle Percy Island. Morning brief followed. Today the crew heard again from Sailmaster Bagers, ‘Salty the Sea-Dog (Brad), Navigator Harry and myself with my inspirational quote of the day. At the end of the brief the youthies launched into the usual Happy Hour. On completion the crew received a briefing from Harry on Navigation in YE. This provided a basic level of knowledge of the associated equipment and the standard routines, which is training necessary for Command Day. Next the Youthies received the boat brief and then proceeded ashore in the Ship’s RHIB.Whilst ashore those that needed it undertook the guaranteed remedy for the mal-de-mer which is to hug a tree. The Youthies had the opportunity to go for a walk, swim or just check out the boating memorabilia left behind in the A-frame hut on the main beach. The boat returned the last of the crew who had been ashore to the Ship at 1600 and we then kicked off the first round of Rope Races (Allan the engineer’s favourite). This activity is a competition between the watches to test their retention of ship knowledge on a variety of topics such as safety equipment, parts of the fore-and-aft and the square sails. This was followed by a ‘Teak Deck’ BBQ and then a public speaking and ‘get to know each other’ activity known as ‘3 Way Chats’. The crew were broken up into groups of 3 and had to learn about each other to enable them to speak for 2-3 minutes on either of their group members. It is a very effective way for the whole group to learn more about each other as well as providing a public speaking challenge to everyone.The intention is to remain at sea overnight continuing to make good ground southwards towards Brisbane and planning for an overnight anchorage at Lady Musgrave Island on Wednesday.Yours AyeCaptain Mike