Captain's Log
27 February 2016

Day Six – Sailing the Victorian Coast

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to day six of our voyage. A well rested Youth Crew awoke to an overcast but fine morning. Following an early morning activity and big breakfast the Youth Crew were ferried ashore to Garden Cove where they all got to do a walk up to Deal Islands Old Homestead and Caretakers Cottage where they met the islands volunteer caretakers and got to experience some of the islands beautiful scenery.

On their return to the beach they were given the opportunity to participate in some beach games and enjoy a refreshing swim. By 1200 everyone was back onboard and following a quick lunch we weighed anchor, departed Garden Cove then conducted a quick transit down through Murray’s Passage so that the Youth Crew could see more of Deal Island.

By 1340 we were back in open water and had shaped a new course for Westernport Bay. This afternoon we conducted mid voyage chats which was followed by a good set of rotational tacks.

Overnight the watches will complete the BEAREX (Teamwork Exercise) as we continue to make good speed in moderate conditions along the Victorian Coast.

Kindly volunteering to write tonight’s Captains Log is Vicki from Blue Watch, please enjoy

Until tomorrow, take care

Yours Aye

Captain Gav

Day 6

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to Day 6 of our voyage! My name is Victoria (or Vicky for short), from blue watch, and I elected to write the Captain Log for today J

We spent the night anchored in the beautiful (and calm) waters surrounding Deal Island, in the Bass Strait. After a quick morning game of Knights, Cavaliers and Mounts, we all ate breakfast and were then briefed regarding safety when travelling ashore in the RHIB. After all youth crew and staffies were safely ashore, we enjoyed the absolutely beautiful scenery of rolling hills, kangaroos and wallabies close enough to touch, and interesting yet humorous species of geese, that many of us had never seen before. We soon arrived at the homestead cottage and museum, and explored all the history that was found there.

We then trekked back to the beach, and while waiting for our return ride in the RHIB, played some fun team building activities. And…for crazy ones like me, took the opportunity to swim in the cold, but refreshing waters of the Bass Strait (who knows when I will have the chance again!?!). The mix of aqua, green and turquoise of the water colour was absolutely stunning!

When we were all safely back onboard, we had a quick lunch of Enchiladas, followed by a quick afternoon brief. We then passed through the stunning Murray’s Passage, and re-entered the Bass Strait. For the most part of the afternoon, it has been fairly calm…touch the deck that it stays that way (as seasickness has really not been all that nice…). Blue watch (also known as the Blue Buccaneers) were on watch from 1430 to 1600, where a playful pair of dolphins was sighted playing in the wake on the Port side of the ship. Following watch all youth crew and staffies took part in an activity known as ‘Rotational Tacks’. Here the youthies revised their tacking stations, and also learnt what was involved in the other watches tacking stations. It gives you a real sense of achievement and mastery learning the dynamics of what is involved in sailing a tall ship. Although tiring, we are all improving everyday, and learning to work well together as a team.

Another fabulous dinner followed, before we took up watches for the night. Blue watch is on deck soon, so I better go, but I hope you are all enjoying reading about our tall ship adventures as we sail from Hobart to Melbourne! J

Until tomorrow,


Shout outs: Andrew, Mum, Dad, Greg, Grandma, Grandad and Ellie J I love you all, missing you lots, but having a great time! Can’t wait to see you all soon J xxx Vicky

Kieron’s shout – hope the crew is not missing me too much.

To the best mumma in the whole wide world, don’t worry, I’m safe and sound. Got through the seasickness within 30 hours and am loving every second of the voyage. I miss you way too much!!! Give Dad and Lucy a huge hug for me. All my love, Abbey xx

Loving and missing everyone, half way towards becoming a pirate!! Love Jordie J xxx

Hi M & D and Fambo all is going well, I’m having the best time! Also could you remember to water my seedlings please? See you on Thursday – Connor J

Hi every one for the Rock church and school. Thanks mum and dad for giving the change to be here and a shout out to Taylor and the boys. Bye.

Happy birthday Mama! Give my love to Dad and Stevie X T

Just got down from the mast, loving it. Hi Mum, Dad. Ben.


39 22 S / 146 27 E


Currently located 40nm to the west of Deal Island and experiencing moderate 10-15kt WSW winds with a .5m SW swell. Our current speed is 5kts and the temperature is 17 degrees.