Captain's Log
V20/16 Esperance (WA) to Adelaide (SA)
16 December 2016

Day Six – Blue Sky’s

Hi Everyone,
Happy Floral Friday! And welcome to day six of our voyage. The conditions became light and variable this morning which sadly meant the continued use of main engines. Following the normal morning routine of breakfast, morning brief then cleaning stations (Happy Hour) the Sail Master gave an informative meteorological brief which was followed by lunch.

This afternoon after a short siesta and round three of ‘rope races’ we conducted a good set of Three Way Chats which is a public speaking and communication exercise.

Once completed we took the opportunity to brief everyone on how to set the squares then gave a practical demonstration by setting then clewing up the topsail.

The time is now 2100 and we are currently located 140nm WSW of Cape Carnot on the Eyre Peninsular still motor sailing awaiting a cold frontal system to pass overnight which is forecast to provide us with some favourable south westerly winds.

Kindly volunteering to write an entry in tonight’s Captains Log is Regan and Laing from Red watch, please enjoy.
Until tomorrow, Take Care
Yours Aye
Captain Gav

CAPTAINS LOG 16th December
Hello!! It is Regan and Laing from Red watch aka Lit watch, aka soup watch who are currently on our watch from 1800 to 2000.
The always delightful music from Evans play list awoke us from our dreams with the Red watch eating breakfast quickly before taking over from white watch at 0745. Morning brief began 10 minutes late as the staffies were a little late from their brief, however Navman’s wisdom on flags, Salty’s knowledge of how the word ‘S.H.I.T’ became and Nana’s thoughtful ways of keeping the ship clean and handing back our ‘lost’ possessions made up for it.
All youthies then proceeded to the happiest hour of all, happy happy happy hour where we ensured that the ship was spotlessly clean. Afterwards Evan gave a talk on meteorology and explained how swells and high/low pressure systems work. A young youthie describes the talk as “enlightening and insightful.”
After a delicious meal of nachos for lunch prepared by Jenko we were all full of energy for the non competitive but secretly competitive rope races which is rigged by white watch and Horto (We all know that red watch should’ve won the fountain making contest)! Evan then divided all youthies into groups of three for a three way chat so we could get to know people from other watches. After an hour of learning about our other group members we then had to impersonate them in front of the group describing who they were with a brief description and then charades about their favourite book/movie/tv-show which was quite entertaining!
Later this afternoon we finally got the chance to set the square sails after Lewis had constantly begged and pleaded to do so annoying Megan (our voyage watch leader and step in ‘mum’) and every staffies who heard it. Following that was tea time with multiple different choices of
– Garlic Prawns
– Pumpkin soup
– Rogan Lamb Josh with rice
– Vegan/vegetarian wraps
– The caught tuna steaks and sashimi
Laing and I (Regan) are writing this in the chart house whilst Alf is steering the helm with Che’ and Lewis, Louise, Mel, Megan, Amy and Toby are up the foremast sitting upon the lower top enjoying a spectacular sunset.
Red watch signs off at 1800 but we will be back at 0400 for the morning shift where we will all climb the mast to watch what is hoped to be a beautiful sunrise.
Over and out, Red watch.


35 06 S / 132 42 E


Currently located 140nm to the WSW of the Eyre Peninsular and experiencing light to moderate SSW winds with a 1-2m SW swell. Our current speed is 7.5kts and the temperature is 17 degrees.