Captain's Log
V16/16 Darwin (NT) to Broome (WA)
23 September 2016

Day Six – Bigge Island

Hi Everyone,Welcome to day six of our voyage. To give me a break tonight Ash and Violet have kindly volunteered to write the Captains Log so please enjoy!Until tomorrow, take careYours AyeCaptain Gav Captains Log 23 Sep 2016A’hoy shipmates,Welcome to day six of this glorious voyage. The sun is shining and sunscreen has been applied. To quote our faithful Sail Master, “Sunscreen or fry, hydrate or die!” The morning began with a five star breakfast curtesy of Jenko and his junior masterchefs, Shanaya (Shazza), Rueben and Reka. This was followed by the morning not-so-brief, where we learnt about the tall ship tradition of splitting the dogs with dress ups, wigs and onesies in 30 degree heat. The morning saw a very exciting round three of Rope Races as we made way towards Bigge Island.Late morning, we anchored in Wary Bay. The view from the ship was that of beautiful stacked stones for miles, sandy beaches and turquoise waters. This is exactly what you would expect from the Kimberley coast, right down to being unable to swim in the water due to the dangerous reptilian. Despite the dangers, the ferry rides to and fro sailed smoothly, bar youthie Craig taking a bit of a dip. Hours were spent exploring many caves, looking at some of the most well preserved Indigenous artwork in Australia.We weighed anchor and set sail again just before dinner. The wind picked up another 15 or so knots, enough for all the staysails and the mainsail to be set. Youthies layed aloft for a spectacular sunset view as we sailed through the Bonaparte Archipelago. It was great to see the youth crew come together as one unit, to sail the ship under conditions more difficult than they had previously encountered.Once again, it has been an incredible day on the Young Endeavour. Six down, seven to go LYours aye,Ash and Violet. SHOUT OUTSWhite watch says hi to Lauren’s mum.Violet – Hey mum, the food’s been as great as you said. Love ya xxReuben – Mum, they put mushrooms in pies, I’M A CELEBRITY GET ME OUT OF HERE!Ash – Dad, my sailing’s better than yours :PScotty – Hi Helen, William, and Emma 


14 48 S / 124 53 E


Currently located 35nm to the SW of Bigge Island and enjoying moderate 12-15kt NW winds with .5m WNW swell. Our current speed is 5kts and the temperature is 25 degrees.