Captain's Log
V18/16 Exmouth (WA) to Fremantle (WA)
23 October 2016

Day Six – At Anchor Denham

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to day six of our voyage. During the early hours of this morning we entered Denham Sound and now with favourable winds made good speed to the south where at 0530 we handed in the majority of sail then transited through the Denham Channel coming safely to anchor just to the west of the township of Denham at 0745. Also anchored in this area was the Western Australian Tall Ship STS Leeuwin who had arrived 24hrs earlier and was also participating in this commemoration.

Once at anchor the RHIB was launched and I was ferried ashore where I conducted a pre-arranged open air radio interview with ABC Radio. While this was occurring the Youth Crew were given a quick morning brief then completed cleaning stations before being ferried ashore by a local Tour Boat Operator who had generously agreed to provide a free ferry service for the Youth Crew and Staff from the ship into Denham throughout our visit.

Once ashore the Youth Crew visited the Dirk Hartog Commemoration displays which also included a tour of the Replica of the Dutch Tall Ship ‘Duyfken’. Besides these displays they were also given the opportunity to have a swim at the local beach and to enjoy a good leg stretch on ‘Terra Firma’ following their 72hrs of rough weather.

This evening everyone ventured up to the local sports ground for a free outdoors concert with the lead act being Joe Camilleri and the Black Sorrows before being ferried back to the ship at 2100.

Once back onboard Keely served a late night snack then James gave everyone a brief on how to keep the ship safe at anchor.

The time is now 2130 and the Youth Crew have now settled into anchor watches overnight ensuring that everyone gets a good night’s sleep. .

Until tomorrow, take care

Yours Aye

Captain Gav


25 55 S / 113 29 E


Currently at anchor just off the Shark Bay town of Denham and experiencing light SSE winds with nil swell. The current temperature is 16 degrees.