Captain's Log
V13/16 Cairns (QLD) to Gove (NT)
8 December 2016

Day Six – Alongside Thursday Island

Hi Everyone,Welcome to Day 6 of our voyage. This morning was overcast with passing showers. Due to the good conditions we made good speed overnight and even had to reduce sail so that we could slow our speed down so as to achieve our scheduled arrival time at Thursday Island.During the morning we transited through Prince of Wales Channel rounded Goods Island then entered the picturesque Normandy Sound where for the first time for this voyage we had to battle a strong headwind and tidal stream which slowed our boat speed considerably.At 1210 we entered Thursday Island Harbour then in difficult conditions carefully berthed the ship portside to Thursday Islands Main Wharf on schedule at 1230. Once safely alongside the Youth Crew were given their wallets then let loose on the local community of Thursday Island until 1630 so that they could enjoy the beauty of this picturesque Island, have a good leg stretch, browse through the local shops and for some grab a coke and fast food fix.At 1500 we opened the ship to the local community and were very surprised when we had over 300 adults and children visit the ship during the two hours that we had the ship open. A number of the Youth Crew kindly volunteered their time and assisted greatly in ensuring that all of our guests enjoyed their visit to Young Endeavour.This evening with everyone safely back onboard we enjoyed a BBQ dinner which on this occasion had to be cooked in the galley and eaten below decks, due to strong winds and passing showers. This being the first night not spent at sea since departing Cairns we are giving the Youth Crew some down- time so that they can catch up on some much needed sleep so that they are well rested for the second half of the voyage. Our current intention is to depart Thursday Island at 1000 tomorrow morning and make our way over to Prince of Wales Island were we have been given permission to go and visit a local waterfall and swimming hole. Kindly volunteering to write an entry in tonight’s Captains Log is Luke with a number of Shout Outs from other members of the Youth Crew, please enjoy!! Until tomorrow, take care. Yours Aye Captain GavShout Out: A very Happy 81st Birthday to my amazing Mum ‘Marie’, Hope you have a wonderful day. Lots of Love Gav xxox  Captains Log – 12 Nov 2016Written by the youthies tonight!!Captain Gav has been working tirelessly to get the Captain Log on time each night, but he wants a break.Ahoy all J Today we arrived on Thursday island and had a chance to explore for a few hours and take in the sights, and let me just say it is a picture of beauty every where you look and all the people you meet are lovely. We had some of the locals as well as some school groups come aboard and have a tour of the ship while we were berthed alongside at this beautiful island. We have all been helping sail the ship so far and we haven’t hit anything yet so points to us. We would have never believed the amount we could learn in such little time but we have all come a long way from where we started and we are having a ball, every moment on the ship there is someone sharing a joke and having a laugh (when we are not feeling a bit seasick of course) with each other. It is an amazing experience so far and I think it will only get better as we go alone the coast of this beautiful country, a shout out to our awesome staff who are keeping our spirits high Nana can be a hand full but she does help us clean up “Thank You Nana” and our nautical information has skyrocketed due to Salty and his whimsical tales. All in all we are having the time of our life and we hope to see all our loved ones soonFrom the YouthiesShout outs:Mum, Daniel, Karli – felt sea sick first couple of nights, deprived of sleep; food is fantastic & can’t wait to come home. Everything’s alright; today has been the best day so far, the people are pretty cool- from DamoHi Jess hope to see you soon my love this was such a gift to be able to go on this wonderful ship, and say hi to the cat meow.Mum, Jim & Ariel – miss you very much but am having an amazing time here! Thinking of you x – KatyaJemma, Rob & Mum- Having a great time, loving it! Xx – TeganHaving a amazing time , miss you- TorstenThe Triffitt family, Reonia got seasick on the first 2 days and I also I got seasick. But really cool out at sea, miss you guys already xx- Reonia and KaylenaS/O to my main buds Ty and GG, bet you miss me ;) 


10 35 S / 142 13 E


Currently alongside in Thursday Island and are experiencing moderate 12-15kt SE winds with nil swell. The current temperature is 21 degrees.