Captain's Log
20 August 2012

Day Seven – What an adventure

Ahoy there, It was yet another exciting night at sea last night. We were presented with a rare opportunity to be at sea but not be required to actually sail very far. The Watch Officers were presented with a box that they could navigate within and the whole spectrum of navigation, sail handling and watch on deck skills was thrown open to the watches. I did give the Watch Officers the challenge of at some point during their watch heaving the ship to using the available sails. My day started just after my breakfast at 0700 with captains setting and furling drills. This was the last check box in me declaring the Youth Crew ready to take command of the ship. It gives me a chance to see the watch set and furl a number of sails with no Staff Crew Watch leader supervision. I am proud to say that all the watches passed and are now ready to proceed to command day tomorrow. While the watches were rotating through Captains setting and furling on deck the others were busily cleaning the ship. Once everyone was done for the day and we had the chance to complete a snappy morning brief we started making way towards Mooloolaba for our anchorage for the day. I decided to do a sail to anchor which is a nice challenging exercise that really requires the Youth Crew to be working well as a team and take in all sail at a very rapid pace. We managed to do a text book anchorage but we were assisted by the light winds making it a slow but safe evolution. Once at anchor we sent the Youth Crew ashore to have a BBQ lunch on the beach and have a bit of fun. It was a vain attempt to let them work off some of their excess energy but it seems it was to no avail. They returned onboard just as excited as ever and keen for the next event. The afternoon was spent with a small amount of chill time and then dinner. After dinner I took the Youth Crew to midships and gave them a brief on command day and then allowed them to elect their command team for tomorrow. After one hour the decisions had been made and we had a new Captain desig Lewis ready and raring to lead his band of eager young Australians into the next day of adventure. We have given the Youth Crew the rest of the night off so they can recharge their batteries for tomorrow and I think it was the first time I have ever seen this Youth Crew take the early to bed option. Tomorrow should be a very fun day, it will be up to CAPT Lewis to write tomorrows log so until Wednesday, farewell. CAPT Matt


26° 40' South / 153° 7' East


Wind: NW at 3ktsSwell: NilTemp: 17 degrees