Captain's Log
31 January 2016

Day Seven – Blue Sky and Calm Seas

Hi Everyone,
Welcome to day seven of our voyage. Regrettably we had to continue to use main engines overnight as the wind became light and variable and has stayed that way for most of today.

The exciting news is that we have now successfully crossed the Great Australia Bight and are currently only 70nm away from our anchorage at Kangaroo Island.

Besides not having much wind today we have had a lot of sunshine and everyone has really enjoyed the calmer conditions. These calm seas have given us the opportunity to complete Captains Setting and Furling Drills which is an assessment on all of the watches ability to work as a team to safely set and furl sails and is an important activity leading up to Command Day. I am happy to report that all of the watches passed with flying colours which was extremely pleasing.

This afternoon we conducted a set of demonstrational which gives the Youth Crew the opportunity to come back to the bridge to get a practical demonstration on how to tack the ship. Normally this isn’t a difficult thing to do but in today’s light conditions it was a little more challenging but Kenny our Sail Master still made it look fairly easy.

Currently we are located 10nm to the south of the York Peninsular and will enter the Investigator Strait within the next hour. As I write this log a number of the Youth Crew are up on the topgallant yard enjoying a fantastic sunset and making the most of their time onboard YE.
Kindly volunteering to write tonight’s Captains Log is Blue Watch, please enjoy!!

Until tomorrow, take care

Yours Aye

Captain Gav

G’day Spectators,

We are currently on Day 7 of our voyage, cruising at 7.5 knots through the Neptune Islands.
After our first sighting of human life during the night in the form of a 200m tanker on its way to Singapore, wakey wakey saw us up at 0700 with the smell of bacon & eggs floating through the cabins calling us to breakfast with a beautiful day ahead.

Forenoon Watch (0800-1200) was taken on by Bluey’s, with the sun shining off the water and dolphins being spotted across our port bow within the first half hour, interrupting Kenny’s daily routine jokes*.

At 0930 we got stuck into Happy Hour to see that Young Endeavour was sparkling for our arrival at Kangaroo Island, expected during the early hours of tomorrow morning.
Next on the schedule, it was time for Captain Gav to ensure each Watch was fully across Setting and Furling the sails in preparation for Handover Day, with all Watches being rewarded with a packet of Tim Tams once the jobs were completed.

It was also during this exercise we caught our first glimpse of land since Middle Island, officially marking that we had crossed the Great Australian Bight. Along with giving us additional options for navigation, there was a LOT of excitement amongst the crew as we sailed closer to our destination.

After lunch we moved straight into Round 4 of Horto’s Rope Races which was all about the Square Sails, with Blue Watch still firmly holding the lead.
With then a few hours down time, we all got some much needed rest and Vitamin D, with more sunscreen being used today than most others.

At 1530 we progressed onto our tacking exercises with each Watch rotating between lines and bridge, where Captain Gav gave an in-depth talk about wind pressures and the differences between a tack and a jibe.

We have now moved into supper time with Blue Watch kicking off the First Dog Watch for the night.
5 days to go!

* Example of Kenny’s Jokes*
Why does Snoop Dogg carry an umbrella?
Fo Drizzle….

Shout Outs

Hey Mum, it’s Mitch. I’m fine, don’t worry. Bye.

HEY mother and father Negus it’s your favourite daughter Alyssa, I’m feeling great after 4 days of extreme weight loss (sea sickness) and having heaps of fun!! Lots of love.

Hi Mum, Dad, Lex and Livi, have been having an incredible time with only twice having my head over the rails. Feeling swell and keeping well. Much love to you all!! – Jes


35 22 S / 136 45 E


Currently located 10nm to the south of the York Peninsula and experiencing light 5-8kt SSW winds with a .5m SW swell. Our current speed is 6.5kts and the temperature is 20 degrees.