Captain's Log
V04/17 Hobart (TAS) to Melbourne (VIC)
22 February 2017

Day Nine – In Port Phillip Bay

Hi Everyone,
Welcome to day nine of our voyage. Following a busy night of sail plan changes the Youth made their final waypoint at 0750 this morning and shortly after we passed through the infamous Port Phillip Bay ‘Rip’ on schedule at 0800.

Once safely in the Bay, we altered course to the south, then proceeded to Portarlington via the Western Channel where we came safely to anchor just to the north of the Portarlington Marina at 1030.

Once at anchor the Youth set about completing the remainder of their tasks prior to handing the ship back to the Staff Crew at 1415. With Command Day successfully completed the Youth Crew were ferried ashore where they were given the opportunity to have a quick swim and browse through the local shops before mustering at the local park for some of Dion’s sporting activities.

This evening with everyone back onboard we weighed anchor then commenced an 18nm passage down to Altona Bay which is our planned anchorage for the night. During this passage we completed the facilitated Command Day debrief with all of us agreeing that this was an extremely successful activity.

The time is now 2130 and we are just about to anchor in Altona Bay. Once at anchor the Youth Crew will be given the opportunity to watch a movie or turn in for an early night ensuring that they are well rested for tomorrows Community Day Sail.

Until tomorrow, take care
Yours Aye
Captain Gav


32 52 S / 144 50 E


Have just gone to anchor in Altona Bay and are experiencing light to moderate NW winds with nil swell and the temperature is 22 degrees.