Captain's Log
V01/16 Fremantle (WA) to Esperance (WA)
1 October 2017

Day Nine – Command Day Complete

Hi Everyone,
Welcome to day nine of our voyage. Overnight the conditions remained favourable and the Youth Crew Command Team did a great job of sailing the ship. By Sunrise we were located 15nm to the north west of Stanley sailing under and all fore and aft sails and two squares and had to reduce sail so that we did not reach our final waypoint too early.

Following morning brief the Command Team called the ship to tacking stations, completed a very good tack then shaped a direct course for their final waypoint which by this time was only 1nm away. Given our close proximity to our anchorage the order was given to hand in all sail then we proceeded directly to anchor just in the lee of Stanley’s famous landmark the ‘Nut’.

Once at anchor the Youth crew set about completing some more tasks so that on completion of lunch they were ready to tackle their final task for Command Day being the climbing to the top of the Stanley Nut and hoisting the Australian National Flag claiming this spectacular landmark for the Youth of Australia.

This they achieved together getting some great photographs of the crew and ship once at the lookout. With this task complete they hiked back to Stanley where they were given some free time to explore this small but picturesque town.

By 1600 everyone was back onboard and following a short break the ship was handed back to the Staffies then we conducted a Staff Crew facilitated Command Day debrief. Dinner followed then at sunset we held a sideshow up on deck which had been put together by the Youth Crew and gave us an opportunity to reflect back on our experiences during the past 9 days. Once this is completed we will settle into anchor watches overnight ensuring that the crew are well rested for tomorrows Community Day Sail.

Until tomorrow, take care
Yours Aye
Captain Gav


40 46 S / 145 18 E


Currently at anchor just in the lee of the Stanley Nut and experiencing moderate 15-18kt WSW winds with nil swell and the temperature is 16 degrees.