Captain's Log
V17/16 Broome (WA) to Exmouth (WA)
10 June 2016

Day Four – Not a Breath of Wind

Hi Everyone,Welcome to Day 4 of our voyage. Due to very light conditions we had to motor sail overnight and during the early hours of this morning. By sunrise we were located 140nm to the north east of the Montebello Islands struggling to find a breath of wind and continuing to rely on main engines.Given these conditions we continued with the training program, firstly in the morning with Navigator Kyle’s Meteorological Brief which was followed in the afternoon with my presentation on Sail Theory and the intricacies on how to sail Young Endeavour.On completion of this presentation their still wasn’t any wind so we again stopped main engines and gave everyone an opportunity to enjoy another refreshing swim.Given that we were now ahead of schedule we decided to leave the engines shutdown and drift in the light conditions for a few hours so that we could stand the Youth Crew down from their watches and conduct an entertaining round of three way talks which a public speaking and communication exercise which we would normally conduct at anchor.The time is now 2030 and we are again underway continuing to make good speed towards the Montebello Islands where we plan to anchor at Trimouille Island around midday tomorrow.Overnight the Youth Crew will remain in their watches and conduct the Apples and Onions exercise and if time permits continue to consolidate some practical navigation. Until tomorrow, take care. Yours Aye Captain Gav


20 01 S / 117 06 E


Currently located 90nm to the NE of the Montebello Islands motor sailing in extremely light 4-5kt NW winds with nil swell. Our current speed is 7.2kts and the temperature is 19 degrees.