Captain's Log
V03/17 Geelong (VIC) to Hobart (TAS)
2 February 2017

Day Five – Wineglass Bay

Hi Everyone,
Welcome to day five of our voyage. The Youth Crew are giving me a well deserved break from writing the Captain’s Log for this evening kindly volunteering to write it themselves. So please enjoy tonights entry written by the Youthies of Voyage 03-17.

Until tomorrow, take care

Yours Aye

Captain Gav

_Captain’s Log Thursday 2nd Feb
This morning we woke up at St Helen’s Point to a glorious sunrise with flat seas…and no sea sickness! After our early morning activity, we had a special guest appearance from “Salty” the “knowledgeable pirate” who informed us of the origin of naval terminology before setting sail along the picturesque east coast of Tassie, with our eyes set for Wineglass Bay.
Whilst some Youthie’s climbed the foremast to untie the gaskets on the Topgallant and Topsail in preparation to set the sails, others brushed up on their navigation skills and had a chance to put them into practice.
In between lessons on sail theory and the “road rules” of the sea, Youthie’s enjoyed catching rays on the deck whilst others played poker with biscuits and enjoyed catching up on some much needed sleep.
Before indulging in Marcos’ consistently delicious lunches, Youthie’s were treated to a wonderful sight of dolphins darting under and around the ship. Some even got to sit out on the bowsprit, making the moment even more special.
Next up, Youthie’s stepped out of their comfort zones by rotating through different tacking stations.
This afternoon, Youthie’s engaged in mid voyage reflections which allowed us time to regroup and look back on what we have achieved so far on our journey across the open ocean. This was also a time to set goals as we near the halfway point of our journey.
This evening we anchored at the spectacular Wineglass Bay whilst the sun set before finishing the day with a twilight movie on the deck.
On behalf of all of us Youthie’s:
‘Hi Fam and cute boots,
Just a quick call out to say that I’m definitely still alive and have successfully gotten over my sea-sickness. Lots of love (insert name here).’


42 10 S / 148 18 E


Currently at anchor at Wineglass Bay and enjoying light NE winds with nil swell and the temperature is 17 degrees.