Captain's Log
V18/16 Exmouth (WA) to Fremantle (WA)
21 October 2016

Day Five – Shark Bay

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to day five of our voyage. The battle against the strong southerly headwinds continued during the early hours of this morning with the ship continuing to tack every 4-6hrs with us finally entering the most northern part of Shark Bay at 1000 this morning.

As forecast the winds moderated to 20-25kts late this morning and the swell dropped of considerably but the reality was that we still had 70nm to go to reach our anchorage at Denham which was still going to take some work given that the wind wasn’t forecast to back to the east until later this evening.

Given the improved weather conditions and a Youth Crew fully recovered from seasickness we reactivated our training program late this afternoon, firstly with a round of semi competitive rope races which was followed by James the Navigators informative presentation on the scientific art of navigation.

By sunset this evening we were located 15nm to the south west of Carnarvon still waiting for the wind to back which would enable us to complete one final tack then make a straight run to our anchorage.

Sadly that still has not occurred so our plan to proceed to anchor by late this evening has now moved right until tomorrow morning, the joys of sailing!

Until tomorrow, take care.

Yours Aye

Captain Gav


25 03 S / 113 29 E


Currently located 20nm to the NW of Carnarvon and experiencing strong 20-25kt SSE winds with a 1m SSW swell. Our current speed is 6kts and the temperature is 18 degrees.