Captain's Log
V18/16 Exmouth (WA) to Fremantle (WA)
24 October 2016

Day Eight – Favourable Conditions

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to day 8 of our voyage. By Sunrise this morning we were located 45nm to the south of Cape Inscription motor sailing under fore and aft sail in light to moderate south westerly conditions.

Given these improved conditions we decided to catch up on a number of the activities that had been missed due to the bad weather experienced prior to our arrival in Shark Bay, this included a good set of rotational tacks, my sail theory presentation and some refresher training on sail setting and furling and deck safety.

Throughout the day we remained close to the coast taking advantage of Leeuwin Current and the inshore winds. Buy sunset this evening we were located 80nm to the north of the Abrolhos Islands still motor sailing against moderate to strong 15-20kt southerly winds and making good 6kts of boat speed.

Overnight the Youth Crew will complete the BEAREX (Communication and Teamwork Exercise) as we continue to make best speed to the Abrolhos Islands where conditions permitting we will anchor sometime tomorrow.

Kindly volunteering to write tonight’s entry in the Captains Log is Jac from Blue Watch, please enjoy!

Until tomorrow, take care.

Yours Aye

Captain Gav

Hi everyone, welcome to Day 8!

Today’s blogger is Jac after Captain Gav got eaten by a Shark in Shark Bay! Not really, but we did have some Shark attack survivors according to the fantastic T-shirts that were purchased at the Denham Souvenir shop.

Our first day back on the high seas started off with weather better than we have had so far, with only a few cheeky bouts of seasickness. We got off to a cracking start but were still using the ‘metal sails’ as we have been for most of the trip due to the wind being quite ignorant and not realising it is blowing in the wrong direction for us.

Gav normally talks about what we have done in great detail but given I’m likely to be a one hit wonder as a keyboard warrior a bit of an insight into the voyage so far is on tonight’s menu.

Every day in morning brief we hear from many illustrious characters on board, some from hundreds of years ago when boats were made of wood and men were made from steel, and some who surface only for morning brief. Captain Gav is a regular fixture at morning brief and imparts a pearl or two of wisdom for us. Whilst he needs to work on quoting some Aussie Prime Minister’s, his poignant quotes fit the mood without fail.

Today’s pearl of wisdom was to never make excuses for not being the best you can be. On this ship, it can be easy to make the excuse of sickness or danger to avoid the fear of climbing aloft (up the mast), or to get out of pushing yourself through the 4 hours of watch in the middle of the night.

Finding magic in the little things aboard has become a real morale booster. Whilst mother nature needs to work on the wind direction and swell, sunrises and sunsets at sea are a different kind of beauty every day and don’t get old. Nor do the turtles, dolphins, whales, birds and the other wildlife we see every day.

The small wins are a huge boost when life on board is taken back to just the simple things and make much more room for thoughts about each other and taking in what is happening around us as individuals. Something I think we fail to notice in our lives when they are filled with jobs, school and most of all, the internet!

Perhaps post voyage all of us will again become ignorant to the little things, like appreciating showers and beds that don’t move. But as Captain Gav’s quotes keep coming hopefully some of the wisdom sticks and we maintain an appreciation of the little things and a drive to be our best selves every day.

As the rest of my watch tease me for writing a novel, I will leave you with a shout out to Mum (Sally), Dad (Phil) and Simon; and a word of encouragement to Siobhan in the final week of her thesis.

Cheers to being the best that we can be!

Jac (Sparrow)


26 58 S / 113 38 E


Currently located 80nm to the north of the Abrolhos Islands and experiencing 15-20kt southerly winds with a 1-2m SW swell. Our current speed is 7kts and the temperature is 16 degrees.