Captain's Log
29 February 2016

Day Eight – Command Day Part 1

Hi Everyone, Welcome to day eight of our voyage.This morning in cool conditions the Youth Crew were awoken at 0630 for an early morning activity which was followed by morning brief and cleaning stations. At 0915 they were ferried ashore so that they could have a quick look around Cowes and enjoy a good coffee at one of the many cafes who enjoyed the extra business.By 1115 everyone was back onboard and following lunch the new Command Team were given 30 minutes with the Staff Crew so that they could ask questions that may assist them in their elected positions during the 24hr command day activity. At 1300 we mustered everyone at midships and I officially handed over the Command Day instructions and the ‘telescope of challenge’ to Youth Crew Captain James and in doing so gave the Youth Crew the responsibility of running the ship for the next 24 hours. The new Command team embraced this challenge and went straight into a thorough planning phase then completed as many tasks as possible prior to making the decision to weigh anchor at 1700 and take advantage of the favourable wind and tide to sail out of Westernport Bay.This they achieved without the use of engines which was extremely well done considering that this was the first sail away from anchor for the voyage. Currently we are located 10nm to the south of Westernport Bay with the Youth Crew completing another one of their tasks which is to navigate and sail the ship through a number of set waypoints. One of the other tasks is for the Youth Crew to write the Captains Log so please enjoy tonight’s edition.Until tomorrow, take care. Yours AyeCaptain Gav Day 8 Hello everyone and welcome to Day 8 of our voyage!Now that the youth crew have come this far in their sailing training, today marked the day when we took over the ship for 24 hours…also known as…”Command Day”. Recounting the day’s happenings so far is your friendly narrator Vicky, from Blue Watch again.After undertaking Anchor Watches throughout the night, the crew awoke to a beautiful clear morning in Cowes Bay, Phillip Island. An energetic game of “Wizard Stuck in the Mud” then ensued, followed by breakfast and the raising of the flag and national anthem. Another entertaining morning brief was enjoyed by all, followed by an enthusiastic “Happy Hour”, in which the youthies chatted and sung their way through their cleaning duties, leaving the ship sparkling and clean.After Happy Hour, the youthies were very excited to be ferried ashore in the RHIB for an hour long exploration of the local town, and to once again reacquaint themselves with the foreign concept of ‘civilisation’. Many exquisite delights were enjoyed, including walking on solid, stationary ground, milkshakes, chocolate and…COFFEE!!! Many of the locals were excited to see the Young Endeavour anchored in port, and asked the youthies about their experience onboard thus far. After leaving solid ground and once again finding their sealegs, the youthies enjoyed another culinary delight from the kitchen, and soaked up the sunshine on deck before assuming responsibility for this grand $20 million vessel for 24 hours. *Gulp*. No pressure at all right?!?Well, your narrator is very pleased to inform you that instead of shying away from such responsibility, all the youthies have stepped up to the plate, and have worked incredibly well as a team to accomplish all the tasks set before us in the next 24 hours. Not only has our captain, James, and navigator, Lindsay established a clear course to follow but we are sailing the ship well. On top of this, our 3 chefs, James, Sam and yours truly cooked up a tasty meal of Shepherd’s Pie and Tacos, followed by Brownies and Ice Cream.The time is now 2040 and Red Watch is currently at the helm, heading south of Phillip Island through the Bass Strait. All is going smoothly, and…touch the deck it continues to, this grand vessel of ours should arrive in Port Phillip Bay by 1300 tomorrow.Until then, take care. Yours aye, Vicky


38 36 S / 144 57 E


Currently located 10nm to the south of Westernport Bay sailing under fore and aft sail in moderate to strong 15-20kt SE winds with a 1m SE swell. Our current speed is 6kts and the temperature is 18 degrees.