Captain's Log
V01/17 Adelaide (SA) to Stanley (TAS)
1 September 2017

Day Eight – Command Day

Hi Everyone,
Welcome to day eight of our voyage. On a normal day I would be writing a full days log explaining what we have experienced, observed and achieved but as of 1300 today I handed the ship over to Youth Crew Captain Chris and his loyal Crew for their 24hr Command Day so this responsibility has now fallen upon his shoulders and I am sure that you will enjoy reading about their exploits.
Until tomorrow, take care.
Yours Aye
Captain Gav

Monday 9th January 2017 – Voyage 01/17
Ahoy Everybody!
We’ve reached Command Day and have had a great day so far to show for it. We woke up this morning to the smooth sounds of Johnny Cash and pancakes, with the lovely King Island backdrop surrounding us. Although it was a bit overcast, we were quick to head off to the beach for a few games of soccer, a swim and a team challenge to make a sand sculpture of the Young Endeavour.
Our wonderful chef Keely prepared one last meal for us at lunchtime before the Youthies took over for the day. Then came 1pm and the ship was officially ours!
One of our first challenges involved getting as many of our Youth Crew up aloft as possible. With a beautiful view of the island, the sun poked through the clouds for the first time of the day for our photo. The entire crew managed to get up the mast, with even the Chefs taking time out from their busy schedule to climb a few rattlin’s!
Then it was time to weigh anchor and set sail. With the help of the Staffies we managed to get going and then it was up to us to set some sails and start heading towards Stanley. After a slow start, we managed to get back on course and are currently sailing smoothly towards our destination.
Sunset is due in the next couple of hours and we’re all looking forward to what is sure to be a challenging night ahead. With a few course changes possibly required and each of the watches running with less people than usual, everyone will need to put in to get through the night successfully. I’m full of confidence and optimism at this point though, that we’ll manage to pull into Stanley tomorrow morning all safe and sound. We’ll then look to head up the mountain as a crew and enjoy the view!
Until Tomorrow,
Captain Chris


40 12 S / 144 31 E


Currently located 24nm to the ESE of Grassy Harbour and experiencing moderate WSW winds with a 1m SW swell. Our current speed under sail is 5kts and the temperature is 16 degrees.