Captain's Log
V03/17 Geelong (VIC) to Hobart (TAS)
2 May 2017

Day Eight – Command Day

Hi Everyone,
Welcome to day eight of our voyage. It was a rather cool morning that greeted the Youth Crew this morning but that did not discourage the majority of us from enjoying a brisk swim as our early morning activity.

An enjoyable BBQ breakfast, morning brief and cleaning stations followed then at 1000 the Youth Crew Command Team were given 30 minutes with the Staff Crew so that they could ask questions that may assist them in their elected positions throughout their Command period.

At 1300 all of the Youth Crew were mustered at midships where I conducted a brief ceremony then handed over the ‘telescope of challenge’ to Youth Crew Captain Kiki which officially commenced the 24hr Command Day period.

The first task for the Youth Crew was to locate the Command Day Instructions which had earlier been placed over on Port Arthur’s ‘Island of the Dead’ by some sneaky Staffies. Once the Command Team had worked this out they quickly dispatched two of their crew to the island on the ship’s rescue board and surf sky where they quickly recovered the instructions and returned them to the ship.

With these instructions now safely in the hands of the Command Team they quickly conducted a short planning phase then set completing as many tasks as possible before deciding to weigh anchor at 1900.

Regrettably prior to this happening we had a cold front pass through with the wind backing to the south. This has now meant that on departing Port Arthur the Youth Crew have had to sail out past Tasman Island and have just tacked and are now endeavouring to cross Storm Bay to reach their next.

Normally the Youth Crew Captain would be writing tonight’s log entry but she has been rather busy running the ship so I decided to do it tonight and she will put her log tomorrow.

Currently we are located 3nm to the south of Tasman Island sailing close hauled under fore and aft sail and experiencing moderate to strong SSW winds with passing showers.

Until tomorrow evening, take care.

Yours Aye

Captain Gav


43 15 S / 147 57 E


Currently located 3nm to the SW of Tasman Island and experiencing strong 18-20kt SSW winds with a 1.5m SW swell. Our current speed is 5kts and the temperature is a cool 12 degrees.