Captain's Log
18 October 2013

Day 9 – STI Sydney to Auckland Race

Ahoy there Scurvy Dogs,Good morning aaargh! The mutinous crew decided it should be ‘Dress and Speak Like a Pirate Day’ today – so be it!The breeze had freshened a little overnight to 10 knots but had veered to 300 which prevented us from leaving the squares set on our easterly course. Our average speed during the night was 5 knots, which was a good achievement under the circumstances. At first light Oosterschelde could be seen ahead of us on the horizon.The morning brief, which was conducted by A/Sail Master Tim, had a strong ‘Pirate’ flavour with lots of ‘Aaarghs’ and ‘Scurvy Dogs’. All crew were in costume and got into the spirit of it. After Happy hour it was into another of Luke’s gourmet meals, before we launched into today’s session of Ropies.That was followed by my Pirate Captain’s Challenge. My burly boatswains constructed a Pirate’s Web of Death from scraps of cordage and the challenge was for the Returnees all to pass through the web without touching it. Each hole could only be used once, after which it was roped-off. This kept the crew busy for an hour in the glorious sunshine we were experiencing associated with the high pressure system dominating our weather.Navigator Rick had been keeping a close eye on the speed of advance we needed to achieve to ensure we could attend the Powhiri welcoming ceremony at Haratu in the Bay of Islands scheduled for 1600 tomorrow. We had requested, of the race committee, that the race be terminated early enough to guarantee we would be able to attend the Powhiri but the best they would offer was 1300 tomorrow. Based on that I retired Young Endeavour from the race at 1444 today. Once we advised the committee and had clewed-up the square sails I came-up on engines and we began motor-sailing for Opua.At 1705 we made a close pass to leeward of Oosterschelde saluting her with our cannon, gave her three cheers and wished her the best for the remainder of the race. That gave her a guaranteed 4th place.During the afternoon we raised land and began terrestrial fixing for the first time in a week. We expect to berth in Opua tomorrow at 0900 to clear customs prior to being able to step ashore.Yours AyeCaptain MikePS. I have a birthday wish from Emma to her Mum: Happy Birthday Mum! Hope you’ve had a great day! Love Emma   “ 


34° 20' South / 172° 49' East


Wind: 280 / 8 kts, Weather: fine, Swell: SW 0.5 m, Temp: 17 deg. C