Captain's Log
4 December 2015

Day 9 – Some More Bad Weather

Hi Everyone,Welcome to day 9 of our voyage. Sadly gone is our sunshine and smooth seas and we are back to cold days, strong headwinds, and now lightning and rain. I know that these things are sent to challenge us but it’s about time we were given a break. Looking at the current forecast that’s about 36hrs away but hopefully it may come just a little sooner. All of that said, we are still smiling and remaining positive about the adventures ahead. Given the bad weather overnight I decided to give everyone a sleep in this morning so that they could enjoy some well earned rest. You have to remember that everyday the Crew spend a minimum of 8hrs on that open bridge in all weather conditions (plus all the other activities that we give them to do throughout the day) so I really do believe that they deserve a sleep in every now and then and especially on a Sunday.  Tonight is White Watches turn to write the Log so please enjoy tonight’s edition written by Amanda and Jess.  Until tomorrow, take careYours AyeCaptain Gav  PS. Having a few problems getting Photo’s on the Log but will hopefully rectify this issue over the next couple of days.   Captains Log 12 Apr 15Day 9Ahoy there!Aghh the Mediterranean, warm, sunny, beautiful days…or so we thought. White Watch did the guts shift (1200-0400) and we encountered the complete opposite. It was a dark and stormy night, lightning lit up the sea around us as we battled through the rain and the hail to steer to course. Furling the fore staysail and centring the main staysail as waves crashed over us was a challenge that we rose to as a team.  In the morning, sea sickness took over again and people were back to sprawling across the deck. Due to the rough weather, Captain Gav graciously gave us the pleasure of a sleep in (yahoo!) which we gladly took. All activities were put on hold for the morning and after lunch we finally were able to get up on deck and listen to the afternoon brief.  Hearing the footy updates from back home put us all back in good spirits (thanks Lindsey!). Let’s not bring up the Super 15’s score. Still waiting for the news that the Bunnies beat the Cowboys tomorrow (Jess), or here’s to wishful thinking.  Taffy once again entertained us with yet another pirate story about the origins of the call “2, 6, Heave”. We are still not quite sure what they are but we heard a great story about how the American Civil War related back to KFC. It was, at least, highly amusing (thanks Taffy!).  Following this we launched into our happy hour cleaning routine, which at this stage is very important as there is a nasty cold going around ship at the moment. Shaun then kindly gave us a not-so-brief low down on the in’s and out’s of the engineering of the ship, despite people falling asleep and trying not to vomit. Thanks for trying Shaun!  Our second watch of the day was a great learning experience as we were taught how to put fixes on the chart to plot our headings. Our confidence has grown with taking the helm and steering to the course set by the navigator. Matt, our watch leader, has taught us how to be sexy at the helm and shown us some of his great moves (which we hope we don’t see again).  Dinner was nachos, pork stir-fry and roast chicken. Sadly we lost half the nachos but the half we had were delicious! Thanks AA!  Our third and final watch of the day has begun with us seeing dolphins surfing the waves with the sunset as a backdrop. What a day!Ciao!Amanda and JessP.S A big Happy Birthday to Murray! Love you 65. Love Jess 


36° 42' North / 0° 15' West


Currently located 280nm to the east of Gibraltar and experiencing very strong 25-30kt NE winds with a 2m ENE swell. Current temperature is 12 degrees.