Captain's Log
12 October 2008

Day 9 – Command Day team Gold

Captain Dannielle:As it has been touched upon, the wind was not at our heels or for want of a better word sails. However, with the combined nautical knowledge and experience of the youth crew it wasn’t too long before our luck began to change. With the schedule at our own discretion the main aim of the game was ���to have fun��. Sailing a tall ship under the auspice of the youth crew, undoubtedly lifted morale and provided a great sense of achievement for all. However it was only one of the twenty two tasks of which we aimed to complete, the twenty second task being to report back to you about our 24 hour experience. Funnily enough whilst only travelling a maximum of 7 knots boat speed we reached our last way-point in Geelong, approximately 5 hours ahead of schedule. Thus we made use of the rest of the day by building a hammock large enough to hold the entire youth crew a metre off the floor whilst also taking interest in drawing all over the ship’s deck. Before too long command day had drawn to an end, and we handed back the ship to Capt Hibbo and his crew. We had successfully attempted and completed 20 of the 22 tasks assigned, a record I’m sure that will be a challenge to contend with. If there was one piece of advice that I could relay to everyone it would be ���Carpe Diem��. It is important to seize an opportunity but for all it is equally important to ���seize the day’, everyday.


38° 8' South / 144° 22' East


Wind: Light S'ly. Partly cloudy. Cold