Captain's Log
V02/19 Melbourne to Sydney
25 January 2019

Day 9 – Command Day Part Two

Ahoy Shipmates…I have resumed Command after a very successful if at times challenging Command Day. While I get back into work mode, I’ll let Captain Olive (Popeye to her shipmates) fill you in. Fair winds…Captain Kenny.

DAY 9 Command Day Pt 2.
Well, what a whirlwind of 24 hours it has been. To say the least, the whole of the youth crew are incredibly tired, and some much needed sleep will be taking place tonight. As mentioned by Annie yesterday, we continued to complete a set of command day tasks, consisting of; navigation, housekeeping and also fun team building activities. Our night consisted of purely sailing, and with the watches mixed for command day, it was a continuous challenge working with new people. Of course, it wouldn’t be a command day without a few hiccups… The wind direction was constantly changing and varying in intensity which required a lot of course alterations throughout the night and, sleeping youthies were woken in order to tack/ware the ship. I am pleased to say that throughout the night, the youthies morale and patience was amazing, and made a massive difference to the day as a whole. Morning brief allowed the youthies to introduce a few new faces including, ‘Salty the Sea Dog’s’ long lost relative ‘Peppery’. After arriving at our final navigation challenge destination; Sydney Harbour, it was time for the fun, team building challenges; including building a rope hammock that held the whole youth crew, a chalk mural of our voyage so far on the decks of the ship, and a full youth crew climb aloft, resulting in an epic group photo on the yards! After all the fun, challenges and excitement of running a tall ship for 24 hours, it was time for the handover back to Capitan Kenny, a marker of our achievements for all us youthies. With some downtime for resting and recuperating, a quick shore visit took place to Double Bay which ended up with most of the youthies going for a celebratory swim and most importantly multiple scoops of ice-cream. Back on board, and bellies full with a wonderful dinner (shoutout again to Zac), the staffies treated us to SODS (Ships Operatic Department Show) where the conclusion to Salty the Sea Dog’s voyage long tale came to an blockbuster end. Followed by some youthies singing, interpretive dance, acting and a poem, the whole crew, both staff and youth took part in singing Vance Joy’s ‘Riptide’ accompanied by Matt’s ukulele, a joyous rendition to say the least. To top off an already exciting day, it was chefs Zac’s birthday! To celebrate, cake was cut and more songs were sung, a great way to celebrate a great day. Now anchored in Sydney Harbour, the youthies are looking forward to 1 hour night anchor watches in an attempt to catch up on some sleep. We are all looking forward to spending Australia Day in the harbour tomorrow, it should be good fun. Olive Sferrazza (White Watch)

Youth Captain Olive


33 52s / 151 14e


Wind: NE at 9 knots Weather: Fine Location: At anchor Double Bay