Captain's Log
V03/20 Melbourne to Adelaide
2 August 2020

Day 9 – Command Day Part 2 – Largs Bay.

Ahoy shipmates…Command Day…big tick! But I’m still on holidays…over to the youth crew Command team. Fair winds, Captain Kenny.———-We’ve made it!! After a hectic 24 hours, the youthies successfully made it to Port Adelaide, tired and weary but still with smiles on their faces. The night of sailing was an interesting one to say the least, throwing up challenges for both the command team and crew at all times of the night and early morning. Despite less than favourable (no) winds for a period in the afternoon, all of the waypoints set to our Navigator Matt were checked off successfully throughout our journey. Two of these points demanded many hands on deck to wear the ship around, much to the chagrin of our tired crew who were after some well-earned shut-eye. Troopers as they are, they managed to problem solve and communicate their way through setting and then furling 8 sails throughout the night. With the last sail called well as we crossed our last waypoint to cheers on the bridge at 0430, we arrived with bucketloads of time for our 0800 anchorage deadline.
The smell of bacon was a welcome wake up for our tired sailors, with our three masterchefs cooking up yet another storm (shout out to Keehan, Toni and Will A). With our final tasks nearing completion, we sang our way into our happiest hour of the day, before a creative morning brief featuring Walleth AKA Wally the Walrus (Lena), Davy Jones (Carl) and a highlight performance from the famous Nanna’s prettier sister, Debbie (Will). With closing speeches from our Naviguessor, Sailmaster (Julian) and phenomenal Captain Georgia, we handed the ship back to the staffies with all tasks complete.
With the weight of command day off their backs, the youthies briefly retreated to their racks to catch up on a bit of rest, before being lured back on deck by the promise of a rope swing off the course yard. After a few successful backflips, and quite a few more unsuccessful ones, the youthies headed ashore to Semaphore Beach for some touch rugby and a few rounds of wizards, elves and giants.
Back on board, the youthies reflected on their command day and the lessons they can take away from their experience of running a tall ship as a crew. We then wrapped up the night by putting on a side splitting show with skits from each watch and the staffies, summarising our trip in hilariously honest fashion, featuring: Poh Wong the Dumpling Panda and the Furious Spice Girls, Keehan’s Brew Review, Readies, Storytime with Debbie, some juggling, jokes and a song to close the night.
We are so proud of all of the youthies pulling together to sail the Young Endeavour by themselves and it was an honour to lead them. – Georgia, Julian, Matt and Lena.


34 49s / 138 28e


Wind: SE at 10 knots Weather: Fine Sea: Calm Location: At anchor off Largs Bay, Adelaide.