Captain's Log
V01/19 Sydney to Melbourne
1 December 2019

Day 9 – Command Day Part 2

Hi Everyone, Welcome to Day 9 of our voyage. Well Command Day was a great success with the Youth Crew successfully sailing Young Endeavour from Cowes in Westernport Bay to Port Arlington in Port Phillip Bay which was a major achievement. We have just finished our Command Day Debrief and the Youth Crew have now settled into anchor watches overnight and will hopefully be well rested for our Community Sail tomorrow which is always a great day. Anyway thats enough from me I will now hand over to Sail Master Lisa to tell you all about Command Day day.

Until Tomorrow, Take Care

Yours Aye

Captain Gav

Day 9 – Command Day Part II
Command Day… What a wild ride! #totes
Last night consisted of possibly the busiest overnight watches we have faced on this voyage, it was loaded with trials and challenges, all of which we powered through til the end. During the night we had a few good legs of nice wind speed and sailing before losing it all and having to switch back to engines. A slight headwind brought us down to travelling 1.5kts for more than half an hour even whilst under power. Good thing we left early (thanks Navigators)! We managed to meet our first way point half an hour early (0630) and our final way point right on the earliest time we were allowed (1100).
Our morning watch and activities consisted of practicing Advance Australia Fair to different tunes and preparing for our Command Day morning brief. Our morning brief plans were set aside due to an urgent need to set sails and catch a desirable wind angle to get closer to our final way point. All youth crew members acted quickly and efficiently to bring out all the necessary sails and we were finally travelling at 5kts under sail… with no motor! All youth crew are to be highly commended on their teamwork and how far they have come in such a short time. For the youth command team, watching this was a dream come true!
The morning brief was well received by both the youthies and the staff, comprising of the usual address from Sailmaster, Navs and Youth-Captain Ben. We had a daring visit from a young Nanna to tell the story of “Carpe Diem” and a beautifully recited poem by our Watch Officer Rob. Rudyard Kipling boosted everyone’s motivation and reminded them that we have overcome tough times and will continue to… ‘yours is the earth and all that’s in it; and what’s more, you’ll be a seaman my son.’ We finished the morning brief with our choral repertoire and moved quickly into happy hour…
Happy hour was briefly put on hold this morning to have all hands on deck for tacking stations to complete one of our final functional tasks for Command Day. We successfully completed two tacks of the ship quite smoothly, with the Sail Master calling orders for the first time; both went off superbly. After we completed tacking the ship we rejoiced in having finished our navigation and associated tasks and we were directed to our anchor point at Portarlington.
Our chefs made us a fantastic lunch of Tom Kha soup with chicken and noodles, grilled lamb and potato salad. In the early afternoon around eating times, we worked hard to complete some of the final creative tasks including turning the twelve berth into a nightclub and a giant mural at midships. Command was handed back over to the staffies with a group countdown and cheers by all.
In the afternoon we had the opportunity to rest or go ashore to Portarlington for a few hours. Most of the youthies decided to go ashore where we enjoyed sun, warm weather and the Portarlington Mussel Festival (a nice surprise!). Despite the lack of sleep and busy 24 hours, the command team all accompanied the rest of the youthies and staff onshore to relax and unwind.
We finished up the day with an interesting competition where Hanford is the reigning champ of a game involving chalk a small object, a body plank and a super-strong push-up (it has to be seen to be believed) and a deck BBQ featuring Buffalo tenderloin followed by command debrief sessions. The youthies are now working hard on preparations for our final night concert and getting well rested for our community sail day tomorrow.
Everyone should be really proud of what we accomplished and the important part we all had to play in this exciting day. Thank you to our chef team Briar, Bethany and Chloe for keeping us fed wonderful food.
Cheers from Youthie Ex-Sailmaster Lisa
Special shoutouts to all our fams who hopefully miss us and to our pets who think we abandoned them. Much love.


38 06.4 S / 144 39.2 E


Currently at anchor at Portarlington and experiencing moderate 10-12kt SE winds with nil swell and the temperature is 18 degrees.