Captain's Log
V12/21 Gladstone to Brisbane
13 September 2021

Day 9 – Command day part 2

Good evening scallywags, it is the end of Command Day, and what a day it has been. We left off last night at a steady 6 knots in the declining weather conditions. Bay watch and Sumo’s watch valiantly battled throughout the night, guided by our Captain Hayden, Sailmaster Jesse and Navigator Amedy. Despite the East Australian Current (thanks Emma) we still reached our final destination on time. What a success! We started the morning with a brief from the command team, and a few interesting renditions of the national anthem (Macarena, anyone?). Lauren, Hayden and Hugh gave entertaining talks on sea paramedicine, horse riding and a deconstruction of musical structures from the last 30 years (ie, the famous 4 chords). The day got better with a pub themed lunch from our famous chefs Thomas and Kaitlyn, with Grant assisting. Putting yesterday’s mural plans into motion we covered midships with art depicting our voyage. Keep an eye on the Young Endeavour facebook banner, people. We handed control back to the staffies to wrap up our epic Command Day. We anchored off Tangalooma Point and finally broke out the rope swing. There were some pretty awesome flips and equally awesome flops. We debriefed Command Day and reflected on our journey so far. It was an incredible experience and we have learnt valuable lessons about teamwork, communication and resilience. Captain Charlie Farley ended with a story about how leadership isn’t a goal, it’s a means to achieve a goal. We are very excited to see what our final full day has in store tomorrow. Carpe diem! Brandon, Kate and Ryan . Quote of the day: “the same water that hardens the egg softens the potato. We must decide if we are potatoes or eggs” – Hayden [sic]. PS tell Ela to feed stevotello


27 19.2 S / 153 15.7 E


Weather: Fine. Temp: 17. Wind: WNW @ 5kts. Swell: Nil.