Captain's Log
14 September 2022

Day 9 – Command Day (Part 2)

Ahoy there!

Today was the 9th day of of our 10 day voyage bringing an end to our Command Day.

As the sails were set in the early morning, with winds seemingly against us we finally made it to our last waypoint bringing an end to the Command Day nav. Command Day was full of high highs and low lows but that never stopped the ultimate dance party.

Wakey Wakey was at 0700 this morning dragging some majorly sleep deprived sailors from their racks, most awoke to the ship in its early stages of pilotage into Moreton Bay. Morning brief brought many a chuckle to the staff and crew with multiple renditions of the Australian anthem and a sea shanty that blew the crocs right off the Captain’s feet, Captain Reed of the G-fib hit us with a very educational entry from Great Grand Pappy Cooks Journal explaining the sea term of “Backs.”
To end the 24 hour journey of excitement, tears and stress the ultimate dance disco party thrown on mid ship with DJ Creeky and Shaun allowed the youthies and staffies alike to show of their majestic moves such as the 2-6 Heave and Crank that Winch. When 1000 hours rolled round it bought an end to the disco and the ships handover began, Sienna the Captain elect handed the Captains hat, Ships key’s and Telescope of Challenge back to our great Captain Adam Charlie Farley.

Lunch time allured a many sleepy sailors from their racks with some reluctant cases refusing to wake (Captain elect, Sienna), many napping stations were conducted on deck with some interesting pillow replacements being found. The final rope race was conducted with an eating competition allowing the White Watch to take an even bigger lead, On ya Whities!!!

The evening brought a wave of feelings across the youth crew with a slideshow of their time on board, a special thanks to Hollie and Sienna for their respective poem and song.

Shout out to Lucy and the Reed fam, Colby.

Shout out to the Bournes -Ingrid XX

I would love to give a massive shout out to the people who put their time and effort into making this experience happen, we will forever be grateful. A big thank you to the staffies for putting up with cheeky, conniving teens who think they know everything. We love you -Sienna <3

Thanks Siena and Colby for that final log. BTW, well done Youth Crew on a successful Command Day… in fact a very successful voyage. This is the final night onboard for V11/22. 10 Days ago 18 youth crew from places various, came together to sail this fine vessel, have fun and challenge themselves. They have not only done that, but have faced and overcome fears and learnt a lot about themselves and each other. Tomorrow they will leave with new skills, improved persistence, resilience and adaptability, as well as knowing they are more capable than what they thought 10 days ago. And of course, having made great new friends – most probably, friends for life. It never gets old for us staff members, as we truly love our work. Intend remaining at anchor overnight in the vicinity of Fisherman Island and entering Brisbane River at 0730, to make our berth alongside HMAS Moreton in Bulimba at 1000. Until then, Captain Adam Charlie Farley+