Captain's Log
17 September 2012


Hi everyone,             Welcome to Part 2 of Command Day. Overnight the Youth Crew continued to sail the Ship well but at different times were challanged by the ever-changing weather conditions. These wind shifts resulted in the ship being called to tacking stations on numerous occassions throughout the night and as you can well imagine tested our young mariners.Finally at 0600 this morning they reached their final waypoint which was located just to the east of north head. At this time all sail was handed in and we entered Sydney Harbour and proceeded to anchor in Rose Bay. During the next five hours the Youth Crew completed all of their remaining tasks then handed the ship (in one piece) back to the Staff Crew at 1300.Following some well deserved ‘down time’ we conducted a facilitated debrief of the Command Day activity which gave everyone the opportunity to discuss the good, not so good and most importantly the ‘take aways’ from this experience that can be used in everyday life.Tonight following another one of Chef Squizes amazing dinners we conducted an ‘egg drop’ exercise prior to standing everyone down for the evening so that they can get a good nights sleep in preparation for tomorrow’s half day sail.Please find attached a number of log entries from some of the Youth Crew from Voyage 17.Until tomorrow, take care.Yours AyeCaptain Gav  Youth Crew Captains Log Part 2    I would like to say Hi to all my workmates- I’m still here!! Mum and Janine, see you guys on Wednesday and can’t wait till then! Love you guys! We’re currently in Sydney so you guys may see the ship around! Missing everyone at home heaps and cant wait to see everyone when I get back! I’m having an awesome time though! Xoxo- Jess GHello Mum and Josh. Just thought I’d write a few (or more) words to say hi and fill you in on what’s going on right now. We’re currently anchored in Rose Bay right behind the Harbour Bridge and we’ve had a chance to have a massive sleep today after getting up multiple times during the night to tack and wear the ship. I also went for a ‘cheeky climb’ up to the upper top early this morning with Dougie and it was awesome to stand on the yard and just take in all of Sydney. Tomorrow we’re going to be having a half day sail with Macquarie Disability group so I’m very excited for that. Miss you all heaps and can’t wait to see you in just over 24 hours time! By the way, Mum I don’t know if Joshie told you but we are going to come back with you in your car to your house on Wednesday (I hope you accounted for us hehe). Love you all and I’ll see you soon! –Em XX P.s- huggies for my Joshie!Hello Everybody! Command day ended today and being as unbiased as possible – I think I showed the strongest leadership of the whole youth crew who I must say did a great job! Looking forward to tomorrow, sailing around Sydney and not at all looking forward to leaving. See you soon, Haydn Hey Mark and Loo (Prince Le Marcos and Perfect Lips) It’s Ally here. Completed Command day today which was so challenging but so awesome! I’m looking forward to going home but will miss everyone so much! Tomorrow we are all going to be spending half a day with a disability group and you know I’m feeling so excited for that, I want to do a group hug with you all! On Wednesday I will have so much to fill you in with in regards to life talk prince, ha ha I hope you have a lot to tell me, to, I also hope you’re feeling a whole lot better. I miss you both so much and cannot wait to see you!! (I have our handshake ready for you Mark and a strike 1 ready you Loo!) Sleep well and I shall see you both soon, From your princess/ treasure xoxoxoHello Mum, Dad, Kirri and Riley, seasickness SUCKS!!! We finished Command Day today was very challenging but was such a great experience! Also.. Happy Birthday Dad! Hope you had a wonderful day! Looking forward to getting back onto flat land and excited to see you all! Love From Alyce!Hello Mum and Dad! I really hope your reading this tonight! We handed the ship back over to the staffies today in one piece as we completed command day. We are all looking forward to a well deserved, full night sleep tonight without having to attend to watches throughout the night. I’m finally well and truly over the seasickness and can enjoy Squiz’s delicious meals. I can’t wait to see you on Wednesday and fill on in on the awesome times we’ve all had! Everyone will be so missed though! See you soon! Lots of love, Moni xoxoHello Mum, Dad, Ramsay, Rowan and of course Allie! Command day was good but it was a big pain in the butt; my watch had to stay an hour overtime after the last dog watch had finished to tack the ship and furl/set sails. After I thought I could finally get a half decent sleep for my morning watch at 4am, everyone was rudely awakened by a sudden tack of the ship we had to do, leaving me quite tired for my morning watch. But it is all part of the experience I guess :PThe ship is currently anchored at Rose Bay, with spectacular views of the Harbour Bridge and the high rise buildings. The highlights of tonight were my watch making a contraption which successfully saved an egg from breaking after a large fall and my head being struck by a falling bucket (I am feeling alright, do not worry :P)Tomorrow, I will be making pancakes for breakfast for everyone and doing a half day sail with disabled people. Looking forward to it :DI better get myself well rested for tomorrow. I miss you all and I will see you all on Wednesday :DRiley 


33°51's / 151°15'e


Currently at anchor in Rose Bay and experiencing moderate southerly winds with nil swell and some passing showers. Current temperature is 14 degrees