Captain's Log
28 July 2016


Ahoy there shipmates,Last night was one of the most challenging nights the youth crew has faced so far on the journey. We struggled to keep the ship steering straight in the high winds and had to perform two wears during the night which involved waking up all crew members not on watch and bringing them up on deck to tacking stations. After navigating across the bay, having to dodge dangerous objects ranging from channel markers to fishing boats and we even had to take the long way around three bulk carriers moored in the bay, we reached our final way-point. With the help of staff members we anchored in Altona Bay in site of the Melbourne sky line. After anchoring we rotated through breakfast conducted a morning brief in which we gave our own version of Salty’s pirate attitude, James gave the crew his navigation update and we had a youthie version of ‘Nana’ return items of the staff that had been left lying around. We then conducted happy hour preparing the ship for the handover back to the staff crew, youth crew members also drew a mural of our accomplishments to date at midships. Then with 1300 and the handover back to staff crew fast approaching we managed to finish our final task which was to get all youth crew members aloft for a group photo, this was achieved within the time frame.Then at 1300 I handed back control of the ship the Captain Mike and we were aloud to go and catch up on sleep lost in the night.Well that’s all from me, Captain Mike will return to writing the Captain’s log from here.Farewell,Captain Bainger——————————————————————————————-Ahoy there Shipmates,After an action-packed 24 hours sailing around Port Phillip Bay, Youth Crew Captain Bainger handed-back control of Young Endeavour to me at 1300 today. It had been a very hectic night which included many wears to all crew members had been required on deck a number of times through the night. As everyone needed some sleep we stood everyone down for 90 minutes after lunch before we started the Command Day debriefs. These were focussed on what the youth crew had learned from the experience and what lessons they would take away and be able to adopt into their personal lives.We then broke for a BBQ dinner, which due to the cold winds, we ate below decks. It was then time for SODs Opera, a Ship’s concert held on the upper decks, which included a staff act followed by an act from each watch.The intention is to enable everyone to have an early night, remaining at anchor in Altona Bay overnight.Yours AyeCaptain Mike


37°53's / 144°50'e


Anchored in Altona Bay. Weather: Overcast and showery, Wind: 240/10 knots, Temp: 18 deg. C