Captain's Log
V01/21 Sydney to Sydney
21 February 2021

Day 9 – Command Day Part 1

Ahoy shipmates…Command Day, which means Cap K is on a break (woohoo!). Over to Captain Liam———–Ahoy followers of the Young Endeavour! Command Day has arrived! After receiving the important telescope, Captain’s hat and instructions off Captain Kenny, the Staffie’s dramatically departed on their “holiday” (a jump off the port bow into Port Hacking dressed up). The Youthies then mustered together to plan their 24 hours at the command of the Young Endeavour to achieve the as many of the challenges in the instructions as possible using the skills and teamwork we have developed over the past nine days. Yesterday’s wind dance led by Staffie Navigator and local meteorologist Emma proved unsuccessful as wind continued to evade us for today’s Command Day, making navigating and plotting courses to our designated points extremely difficult. The Youthies have proven their resilience and sailing skills they have learnt over the past nine days in trying conditions and successfully already ticked off some of our challenges. Everyone has worked extremely hard and I am proud of our ability to work as a team. I’ll leave it to Eve and Henry to detail more about our day in command! Fair seas and strong winds, Captain Liam ——– This morning after waking up to “Saturday Sun” playing over the speakers, we walked laps of the ship. We then had a yoga class with our instructors Em and TJ and found out how inflexible we all are. Then it was time for some games on deck, followed by breakfast; bacon, eggs and hash browns. The staff crew provided us with another fantastic production, which involved the lovely Peta, who volunteered to be suspended from the roof of the bridge to be a canon. We were given briefing about the forecast for the day and some history surrounding the area of Port Hacking. Then we had the final briefing for command day, followed by the handing over ceremony. We then spent our time forming our new watches, planning out our new tacking station positions and getting ready for our 6 hour night watch, which Henry was hyped for! When we weren’t setting and furling sails, we spent some time tackling some of the challenges we were given: learning knots, drawing a chalk mural on the deck and hosting a trivia game. Command day has been great fun so far, stay tuned to hear about how the next 12 hours goes! – Eve & Henry


34 05s / 151 15e


Wind: SE at 4 knots Weather: Fine Sea: Mild Course: 070 Speed: 2 knots Location: East of Botany Bay