Captain's Log
2 July 2011

Day 9 – Command Day (Day2)

Hi Everyone, Please find attached the second edition to the Youth Crews Command Day.Enjoy!Yours AyeCaptain GavCOMMAND DAY PART 2Hello everyone!!! You will all be glad to hear that we made it to anchorage position in Hobart It was a crazy and fun night for all. First of all I would like to say congratulations to the wonderful Youth Crew team, they all worked together with such commitment and courage which were the main tools we used to get to our positions.We had 2-3 metre swell with 20-30 knot gust of winds hitting us at an angle where we can only just use, to head in the direction of our way points. Because of this our wonderful youth crew team were up all hours of the night tacking the ship with at times only 15 minute warnings. The Ship went from 10-15 degree listings all through the night, so people were either harnessed into the beds or holding on!! People were sick all night, fatigued, wet from the waves splashing on deck and much more. Despite this, we achieved all of our way points bar one. However we did manage to go through one way point twice as the wind angle just did not permit us to get the direction we needed. So we had to turn back the way we came until we got an opportune wine angle.Our aim was to hit our anchor point by 1100. This was pushed back to 1215. Taking into consideration the weather we were given, this is a great achievement for all and a testament to each individual and the team as a whole. Once we hit anchor, we handed over the Captaincy back to the amazing Gav! We then all were told to go to bed for 3 hours and get back up on deck for a final set goal which was to climb aloft on the staysails. All youth crew climbed, sang songs and celebrated their successful voyage!!Once again I would like to say thankyou very much to the truly wonderful staff and youth crew. You have given me an experience I will remember for my lifetime and experiences that I will continue to learn from throughout.Over and Out, recently retired, Captain Ronald Eyles ( aka ElCapitano).Tom: Look Mum! No hands!Fiona: hey guys back in QLD!!! Having a ball but Tassie is way too cold!!! Azza: hi ya my fellow Branxholm clan yeeeee haaaaa – NO REGRETS.Doug: G’day family and associates, I’m on a boat and living the dream��_ cyaSam: Hi Mum! Can you please remember to bring that red shirt down for me! BTW I’m good.Tess: Hello to kyoo and my bestie emma.Ash: Hi guys, having a blast!Liz: hello everyone, getting keen! NO REGRETS!!!!!!Jesse: Whoop, Whoop.Amy: Live, live and live more. (: To all my family, love and cherish every moment, I adore and miss you all, see you soon.Taylah: Hey Dad, Az and Boo! Having an awesome time, see you soon, love you all! Kelsey: Hello Mum, Dad and Taylor!! I am having the best time here, I hope that you are having an awesome time without me! Love and miss you all!Jacqui: Family, friends, and anyone else that wants to know about my amazing life, sitting in the bay of Hobart admiring the view and having the BEST time , lots of love. Jake:to my beautiful girl I miss you and cant wait to see you I haven’t stoped thinking about you the whole trip and a special thank you to mum for giving me opportunity to experience this .Henry: to my parental unit; having a smashing time


42° 53' South / 147° 20' East


Time 2200 - Currently at anchor in Sandy Bay and enjoying light - moderate 8-15kt SW winds with nil swell.