Captain's Log
12 September 2011

Day 9 – Command Day Commences

Command Day Youth Crew PositionsCaptain- James Sail Master- Maitlyn Navigator- Nat Watch Officers- Aaron, Chappy, Mike Watch Leaders- Hulk Watch – Rhys, Dog Watch – Emma, Star Watch – Anna Chefs- EB, Staffy, Aiden Ahoy there everyone,Welcome to day 9 aboard Young Endeavour. We commenced today with ‘Hello Hello’ by the Cat Empire at 0630. Over night we kept anchor watch near Cronulla Beach and being only the fourth time at anchor over night everyone awoke feeling slightly refreshed for the commencement of Command Day at 1300.Before we were handed our orders the youth crew were surprised by a disco set up by the staff, which was an excellent way to relax before the big day ahead. Eventually the day progressed and we found ourselves in control, along with a list of our new tasks, any time constraints and way points that must be navigated through to reach our destination, the heads of Sydney harbour by 0900 tomorrow.The youth crew, led by Sail Master Maitlyn, began by setting a schedule of the tasks we had received. Navigator Nat marked in our way points and checked the boundaries as it looks to be a slow night of sailing. We managed to complete several tasks today before we set sail at 1930, the main ones being; building a rope hammock that could support all members of the youth crew, all youth crew climbing aloft, a talented team of artists created a chalk mural of the main deck, the ships brass was polished to perfection and all knots were tied. The chefs also put on themed feast that would put most establishments to shame and last but not least we had the great privilege of celebrating Chappy’s 22nd Birthday, Happy Birthday Chappy. (Chappy has stated that he is currently chillaxing!)All in all it was a very exciting afternoon and with the looming nights sail, it is sure to be an experience many will never forget.Yours Faithfully,Captain James


34° 7' South / 151° 11' East


2300 at sea - weather scattered cloud, winds NE 6 knots, swell E 0.5 metre, temperature 18 degrees, barometer 1013 hpa