Captain's Log
13 December 2010

Day 9 – Command Day Begins

Ahoy there everyone, Welcome to day 9, all crew members awoke in the stunning Port Hacking this morning, buzzing with excitement this morning with command day having finally arrived. At 0630 all youth crew were mustered on deck to begin the day with an interesting new activity provided by Kenny, the sail master.Morning brief left everyone shocked when, for the first time, it only continued for 20 minutes, before all youth crew began their final preparations to take control of the ship. Whilst happy hour took place all those elected to positions were given a final run down of their new roles by their respective counterparts, and by 0900 all staff members were ready for their day off, handing over the ship to the youth crew and its new command team.Despite the eagerness that was in the air to weigh anchor and sail straight away there was much to be done. The crew promptly sent a small beach assault teach to shore in order to claim it for the youth of Australia, raising the flag proudly whilst singing our national anthem proudly. Whilst this was happening, another band of crew members set about making the ship more comfortable, building a hammock that would hold all 24 youth crew, a feat that was accomplished easily.After a fantastic lunch, the crew proceeded aloft one last time before weighing anchor, leaving the sheltered Port, before losing all engines, and sailing completely by wind. With the prospect of such an adventure, the command team decided to take the scenic route, attempting their first solo tack, which was easily accomplished for such a skilled crew. After changing course to return toward Sydney routines resumed as normal, with our 3 new watches resuming their activities.After an extremely busy day for all members of the youth crew, a meal was prepared by our 3 fantastic chefs, Joel, Courtney and Kristen, leaving all in awe of their abilities and dedication to their task. The plan overnight is to continue our course North, before wearing ship and beginning our approach to Sydney Harbour, leaving our crew to keep watch and test their ability to keep the ship travelling along our course.Until tomorrow evening,RegardsYouth Captain Tom


34° 0' South / 151° 21' East


2200 at sea - Weather scattered cloud, Wind SE 10 knots, Swell 0.5 metre, Temperature 20 degrees, Barometer 1016 kpa