Captain's Log
21 October 2016


Ahoy there everyone,This is Young Endeavour’s youth Captain Scott writing the log for the first night of Command Day. After a wonderful sunrise this morning and the last of the youth crossing over to phase two of climbing aloft, preparations were made this morning for the Staff Crew to (reluctantly) hand over the ship to the Youth Crew Command Team at 1300.After the quick return from a trip to the doctors by one of the Youth Crew all hands were mustered to midships and the handover ceremony began. Ex Captain Damian handed over his ‘Hat of Knowledge’ and the original telescope handed over with the ship in 1988. All staff dressed in their holiday attire and left the Youth Crew to plan out the next few hours where we managed to sail the ship safely out of Broken Bay whilst passing our first waypoint in the aim to fulfil our given tasks. Taking advantage of the westerly winds, the crew set the main staysail, topgallant and topsail and sailed out of the Bay.As part of Command day, we have been given 4 waypoints to pass through on our journey to Sydney Harbour and I can safely report we have passed through two of those waypoints and as I type this log are on our way to passing through our third waypoint outside of Turimetta Head, north of Sydney. The Youth Crew are sailing very well and have responded to a quick call to tacking stations at 2220 for a successful tack and have now completed both a successful Wear and Tack in westerly winds of around 15kts.So far it has proven to be quite the challenge, but it is nothing this Crew cannot achieve. The plan is to continue heading south, round through the heads early Friday morning to anchor in Athol Bay. The youth crew will be running the morning routine, finish the last of the set tasks and hand the ship back to Captain Damian at 1300 Friday.Until tomorrow,Youth Crew Captain Scott 


33°45's / 151°22'e


2300 at sea - Weather clear skies, Wind W 15 knots, Swell S 2.0 metres, Temperature 14 degrees, Barometer 1012 hpa